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  • pcbondsman pcbondsman Aug 22, 1999 11:29 AM Flag

    Statistical trivia re: ADV

    The easiest way to incluced "active" links in
    your posts is to "cut and paste", or more correctly
    "copy and paste", them from where ever. Though there
    are other methods, I normally copy the link from the
    "location" area in Netscape, IE calls the same area the
    "address". Needless to say, I hope, be sure you get all the
    address (some of them are quite long and extend beyond
    what's visible on your screen).

    The above
    procedure has been complicated somewhat by Yahoo's attempts
    to reduce "spam". It appears that links are
    automatically detected by Yahoo's equipment which then (my
    knowledge gets fuzzy here) dumps the offensive post, or in
    some other way renders the post unusable. Not all
    locations are dumped though. What the critera is for "life"
    or "death" of a particular location I don't know.
    Some people have accused Yahoo of excluding links to
    sites they consider rivals.

    Some spammers have
    started adding spaces in the address to disguise it from
    the system, allowing the post to go through. This
    method requires the reader to either retype the link
    without the spaces (A daunting task if it happens to be a
    very long one such as is common for a news feed
    link.), or "cutting and pasting" it into the
    location/address area then manually removing all the spaces, an
    imperfect solution at best.

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