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  • buselli45 buselli45 Aug 26, 1999 10:34 PM Flag

    Statistical trivia re: ADV

    $7.00 per hr. It computes more like 10 and
    according to your post 24,000 which is almost 15. Not bad
    beats McDonalds and I'm
    sure thers a benifit
    package also.

    It would seem that the orivate
    sector will continue to raise it's income level to
    compete with the goverment sector.

    What I don't
    understand is why the correction unions would oppose the
    competion, it would seem demand would lead to even higher
    wages. This assumming that prisions are in the same area
    fighting for labor. I'm taking my first tour of a state
    run facility shortly guided by the warden himself. He
    agrees that privitazation is sthe thing of the future.
    This may give me more insight.

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