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  • GenJackripper GenJackripper Jun 19, 1999 1:33 PM Flag

    Statistical trivia re: ADV

    By the General's reckoning, calculated over the
    past 3 months from 3/22/99 through 6/18/99, inclusive,
    incorporating a total of 63 trading days, PZN's ADV has, for
    the first time, topped the 1 million mark with an
    average of 1,029,729 shares per day.

    This figure
    is 3.30% more than the 996,818 figure currently
    being reported by Yahoo (per Yahoo's ADV data provider)
    for the past 3 month period.

    As might be
    anticipated from its volume history (see PZN's statistical
    archives or note the volume portion of PZN's big 3-month
    chart here on Yahoo), PZN's ADV (as reported here on
    Yahoo) should continue to climb over the near term so
    long as its ADV (averaged within a trading week)
    remains at least 400,000 to 500,000 shares per day (last
    week's was 812,600).

    But in a couple of months
    from now, by mid-August, PZN's ADV should begin to
    decline as mid-May's big daily volumes get subtracted
    from the "3-month" total being averaged.

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    • ALI is not a REIT. I know, I own both PZN and
      ALI. Both will do well in the long run. PZN has turned
      the corner from a TA standpoint, but ALI is still
      having trouble establishing a base. I have a larger
      position in PZN at the current time, but am considering
      adding to my ALI as they base. BTW, CMDC is also looking
      intersting in the assited living segment...

    • im a new invester in PZN i have been watching it
      for along time before i bought at 12.5/16 iv been in
      the market since 1992 i think it could be a good one
      some of my favorits are BUD // WWY/ WEN GOOD LUCK

    • You are correct. This is the second article in
      Forbes that has mentioned PZN. The reason that David
      Dreman likes PZN so much , is very simple.... Its ON
      SALE at 5 times earnings. It has a much higher upside
      than CEI , or many of the other REITS. In the meantime
      while he waits for the coming capital gains he collects
      a much higher than average dividend (16.75 % ) at
      present price.
      He was smart, and is in at 20 %. .
      David Dreman runs a VALUE FUND.
      And by the way, PZN
      has formed a base and is on the move UP...

    • I hope you are right. It does seem like north is the path of least resistance.

    • Is it me or is this the SECOND time now that PZN
      has been mentioned in Forbes by the contrarian David
      Dreman? If it's such a good stock, as David points out,
      why is it languishing at 5 times earnings? Any
      thoughts on this? For general REIT's I kind of like CEI
      and ALI better than PZN, but I don't yet know much
      about PZN. Thanks for any input...

      - Strokeoluck

    • According to Realty Stock Review PZN is "very
      close" to announcing that it has lined up the $100
      million equity it needs per the terms of its new credit

      Has anyone heard anything about this?

    • My friend, strap this on (sorry, I couldn't
      resist <g>). I'm going to draw my lines, look at
      my charts and say $16 by Sept 10. Just a bare-butt
      prediction. I was doing fine with my guesstimates in May
      before PZN got nuked by Doc. I think this issue is ready
      for a two-buck nudge.

      Best of investing to

    • is that we get to the real reason when the
      argument that savings are squeezed out of "some other
      bastard's paycheck." Kind of reminds me of Marx's "theory
      of surplus value."

      What's your real agenda,
      your real point? Stop incarcerating people? I doubt
      that, you just want them guarded by union members. If
      it's wrong for private industry to make money by
      housing prisoners, why is it not just as immoral for
      AFSCME guards to make a handsome living out of keeping
      them locked up? Somehow, I don't think the unions are
      interested in "restorative justice" if it means that state
      prison populations will decline as a result.

    • Been watching OSSI looking for an entry point.
      Liked it at 35, would have loved it at 28. I go out of
      town for a week, up on Prince Edward island (no cable,
      no internet, no phones in the room) and somebody has
      to mention it -- closed at 30 on Friday. Nice going,
      guys. Now if somebody would just say what a great
      bargain FTU is...please...

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