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  • GenJackripper GenJackripper Jun 19, 1999 1:33 PM Flag

    Statistical trivia re: ADV

    By the General's reckoning, calculated over the
    past 3 months from 3/22/99 through 6/18/99, inclusive,
    incorporating a total of 63 trading days, PZN's ADV has, for
    the first time, topped the 1 million mark with an
    average of 1,029,729 shares per day.

    This figure
    is 3.30% more than the 996,818 figure currently
    being reported by Yahoo (per Yahoo's ADV data provider)
    for the past 3 month period.

    As might be
    anticipated from its volume history (see PZN's statistical
    archives or note the volume portion of PZN's big 3-month
    chart here on Yahoo), PZN's ADV (as reported here on
    Yahoo) should continue to climb over the near term so
    long as its ADV (averaged within a trading week)
    remains at least 400,000 to 500,000 shares per day (last
    week's was 812,600).

    But in a couple of months
    from now, by mid-August, PZN's ADV should begin to
    decline as mid-May's big daily volumes get subtracted
    from the "3-month" total being averaged.

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    • I have not posted for awhile on this board, but I
      just felt compelled to mention a few things:

      You bought the stock knowing that their were risks,
      so grow up and accept the actualization of some of
      these. You liked Doc enough when the stock was up ... so
      now all of a sudden you don't like him any more. Oh
      yes I forgot ... he lied. Well of course all of us
      always tell the truth. Grow up.

      2. Grow up. I
      have said it before and now I am dang well saying it
      again--no you cannot control who posts or what they say. Uh
      ... remember ... this is not Nazi Germany .. this is
      America. Who is making you read them? I do believe that
      they have subjects and screennames that should warn
      you not to read them if you already know the post
      will probably offend. Isn't reading the post, knowing
      that, kind of like masochism? Grow up. Yes General and
      olddaddygram, I realize that the aforementioned does not apply
      to you. (BYW ... my favorite post, LOL, was when
      diamond d "told" everyone to quit rendering postings that
      are not kind to the manner in which PZN is operated
      (boy talking taking things personally [ouch]); ergo,
      this does not apply to him because he is simply too
      limited to appreciate it) Talking about
      crying-in-the-sandbox-time. Maybe some of us would feel more comfortable
      investing in Toys-R-Us.

      3. Yes ... I think Doc is
      brillient. He literally invented a whole sector in the
      economy. Did you? Small minds gentlemen. Small

      4. To the shills and "pissers and moaners": Please
      keep posting on this board. It will build character.
      If I were you I would be laughing my rear end off
      (and I am sure you are ... and you should).

    • Could you be the the persosn I seek? Initials W.A.? Former CEO of Major CT. firm? If so, how's the new home?

    • As always, well reasoned and REALLY USEFUL post!!

      MK is still waiting for the definition of a word "tsures"!!
      Can you help?

      • 1 Reply to cleonew
      • Could absence really make the heart grow fonder?
        I post after an absence of about 3+ weeks and the
        two "welcome backs" I get are both from "female"
        contributors here.
        And I thought MK was the guy on this
        thread with "the kivorka." Can't imagine I've got it.
        Why me? Why now? Lotta good it'd do anybody at my
        age. Must be attributable to that "decorative"
        scabbard and blade hanging from me.

        thank you. I've checked the name and address labels
        I've had sewn in all my garments, including my socks
        (in case they're the only things I happen to be
        wearing when the "authorities" find me), and it doesn't
        appear that I'm the person you're seeking (#3433) but I
        think I know who you mean.

        Cleo, thank you, too.
        I've still got a huge amount of postings on this
        thread that I'm determined to read so as to be brought
        current with what's been said here. As it happens, I was
        spot checking shortly after you'd posted your "tsures"
        message to MK and I must admit your use of that term gave
        me pause to wonder. It's not an uncommon word that's
        entered the American vernacular but I wouldn't say it was
        as well knowm or used as a lot of other

        BTW, although I would have probably (mis)spelled it
        the way you did, my authority in this area, Leo
        Rosten, provides 4 variations, all of which (including
        your version) end with the vowel being an "i," not an
        "e." (i.e. tsuris, tsouris, tsoriss, and

        What follows is a smattering of what Rosten has to

        Pronounced TSOO-riss, or TSAW-riss, to rhyme with "juris" or
        "Boris." The plural of tsorah or tsureh. From Hebrew:
        tsarah: "trouble.

        Troubles, woes, worries,

        The singular is tsorah or tsureh, but trouble is
        rarely singular.

        (Here is the word employed in
        some folk sayings. The first one sounds like its
        origins could've come from one of Nic's antecedants and
        the last one could be apropos of the current
        circumstances of PZN/CCA "longs" at a higher

        "Troubles are partial to wetness - to tears and

        "Don't worry about tomorrow; who knows what will befall
        you today?"

        "From luck (mazel) to tsuris is
        but a step; but from tsuris to mazel is a mile

        Rosten's closing bit of humor may bring a chuckle, but it
        seems (somewhat) inappropriate for a posting on Dad's

        "And how many children do YOU have?"
        children?! So what do you do for aggravation?"

    • Give us a ring in amonth or two to see how things are working out. " Why would you want to bail out now?

    • insightful contributor here. Best wishes with all
      your other ventures.

      Hell, hold onto a couple
      of PZN shares.
      This is an educational exercise as
      well as a financial one. And a soap opera at the same
      time......"Days of Our Lives" in
      the world of finance. Or,
      "How Many Ways Can One Good Company Get F***ed Up By
      Management and Outsiders and Still Survive?"

      Somewhat seriously, if there ever were a company able to
      outlast its detractors and the ineptitude of its
      leadership at times, this is it. The next few months will be
      interesting, at a minimum.

      All the best. Nic

    • your point regarding whether fraud is the case at
      PZN, I can't resolve my own feelings that I would not
      have bought the 1,500 shares at 20 1/4 on Wednesday if
      Doc had not sat on the information that killed the
      stock on Friday. Bad judgement? Doc knew the problem
      when the shareholders met, but did not disclose it
      until 3 days later. I think this will lend some weight
      to the shareholder suits. I sold a bunch at 14 1/2,
      but I'd much rather Doc had been straight with us. I
      hope the company recovers, since I'm long again.

    • To prove FRAUD the law firms will have to prove
      intentional deceit and trickery. Can they do it? Your guess
      is as good as mine. However consider the time frame
      invoved for a settlement, it will take years and my
      question to wiser people than myself is how can this
      effect the bottom line in the next year or two? You
      don't escrow funds for settlement purposes on the come
      or do you? Also did Doc really know what was going
      on or was he reading a script? I would think the
      accounting firm (hopefuuly Arthur Anderson)has some
      liability. Yes I'm in there with you bought at 21 rode it
      down with my kids education money. Beleive me when I
      say I'm not happy about the situation. Time is our
      ally. Incidentially I've always enjoyed your
      informative post.

    • my thoughts, and what I did also. I bought at
      exactly the same time you did,at the same price, only
      bought 1,000 shares though. I agree with you 100% that
      Doc withheld that information from the stockholders
      at the meeting and then told the analysts less that
      the total truth two days later. I think if he had
      come forward and told the stockholders and the
      analysts that their revenues were down because of the Ohio
      incidents and that they had made miscalculations on the
      OPCO business plan, a fuss may have been made by the
      analyst,and the stock would have dropped to maybe 15 or
      so,but by telling less than the truth, he really put PZN
      in a deep hole. I believe in the fundamentals of the
      company, and credit Doc with building the business,but
      until he can become a real man and confess his
      mistakes, we are stuck at 10.50 or so.

    • reflects trial attorneys' views that at least
      'some' settlement will happen. Course they get theirs
      first (probably 40-50% in cases like this) and of
      course all will be merged at some point, and of course
      there will be a mega-settlement, and likely the E&O/D&O
      liabiliity carriers for PZN, the accounting firm(s), the
      attorneys who set up the REIT, the parents of the attorneys
      who set up the REIT, the
      cab driver who carried
      them to the place where the REIT was established, and
      the hooker who took their minds off their business
      the night before the deal was done----(whew) and
      various and sundry other interests I forgot will all
      contribute a little bit to the pot. And of course PZN will
      pony up a little bit as well, but not enough to be
      It would be really hard IMO to prove significant
      "punitive" damages here.
      Getting into Crants' head and
      finding egregious enough motive to cause a jury to want
      to "punish" him, especially in Nashville, would be
      most difficult.
      This is a "settlement" deal, and
      attys will get most. What else is new??

      I think
      someone ought to sue some unions, a competitor or two,
      and use subpoena power to open up Yahoo and get IDs
      of our paid friends here from 5/20 till now.
      about punitive damages!!!! These
      jerks could be put
      out of their misery forever. Think about all the lost
      look at their motives (nothing but punishable) and try
      the case in the south.
      For that matter, N'ville
      just fine.
      Their SOLE motive was to drive the $$
      down. Your loss, mine, all IMO below $13 or so could be
      directly attributed to the campaign of disinformation.
      It'd be interesting anyway.
      Truth is, I think PZN
      could reserve some $$ for suit-related stuff. I believe
      American Home Products did so when all the phen/fen
      controversy started in September of 1997. Also, fraud 'per
      se' is not
      necessary to prove in order to prevail
      on 'real damages.' Just the 'fu**-up' and the fact
      that Doc misspoke after he SHOULD HAVE known better is
      enough. E&O ins. carrier probably puckered over that
      Hell, sounds good anyway. Bottom line:
      don't buy,
      sell, or worry based on the suits. They have a big-time
      habit of going away quietly after early BS.
      Time, as
      you say, is our biggest ally.
      I've gone back to
      the numbers a whole bunch of times in wee hours when
      enormity of this debacle got too hard to handle when
      awakened by it from a nice sleep.
      Comfort always comes
      from looking at just how sound PZN really is, and how
      far below
      common sense the $$ is now, and will be
      at $15, $18, or whatever below $22-$25.
      IMHO, and
      in my portfolio---(money is where mouth is in my
      case) your kids' education $$, as well as a great deal
      of my retirement $$ are safe and will prove to be a
      very sound investment.
      Trading accts are a
      different matter entirely. Margin accts= disasters.
      answered more margin calls than
      calls from admirers (L)
      and fired one broker over company's shitty
      You lose your broker friends quickly when margin
      calls come, as I'm sure you know.
      In any case, sleep
      well. No 'fraud' here, just arrogance in
      megaproportions, ego to match arrogance, and weak-as-piss officers
      afraid to tell the boss he was full of *.

    • would looove to see the SEC look behind some of
      the shills' postings to the effect that PZN has no
      money for the dividend, Doc was seen getting on a plane
      for Rio with a suitcase full of cash, prisons are
      going to all be closed, contracts cancelled, the credit
      facility is dead, and $5 is just around the corner. Wonder
      who they'd find issuing the paychecks?

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