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  • buselli45 buselli45 Jul 9, 1999 5:31 PM Flag

    Please Post in a perspicacious manner

    and quit ridiculing my astute friends. As far as Leagalsleeze, "welcome aboard" as far as RJPrisions alias NYcoffeeman etc. " Get a life or at a minimum get some pchycriatic help"

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    • <EOM>

    • but if the first time you feel screwed is when an
      IPO is issued, you'll be feeling it on the way out. I
      see by your ID that you might be new here, so could
      have missed the last maybe 4500 posts or so.
      humbly suggest you do some serious reading, quick. If
      the act you suggest is in the cards, you may have
      already missed the foreplay.
      As to the lawsuits, we
      have a "sayin" where I come from that when confronted
      with a choice like yours, you oughta just
      your best holt." I suggest you do so.
      Now to the
      juicy part: I know a helluva lotta stockbrokers who
      need suing real bad. Start a class action suit against
      stockbrokers for living and I bet it's one thing most here
      would agree to join.
      Short of that, sounds like if
      you met with
      Doc and them 5 times, you may have
      got a private one of those things the rest of us got
      I recommend 3 shots of Baker's, followed by 8
      hours of sound sleep (which the Baker's will surely
      provide) and if you don't have some sore places when you
      wake up, whistle all day long.

    • pick a law suit ..."lawyer now". Sue some "stockbrokers". GIVE ME A BREAK.

    • Just join all the lawsuits, That way u will get the right one.

    • i submit the following: we will know we have
      totally been screwed if opco initiates an ipo. before the
      last 15 months i felt i knew cca/pzn as well as
      anyone, having met with doc and the co at least 5 times
      when i was a retail broker with prusec for 10 years.
      however i have lost all insight on company and am totally
      clueless. (i'm a lawyer now who sues stockbrokers and cant
      decide which lawsuit to join against pzn)

    • on this board about a strategic investor for CCA.
      I think the more likely and logical occurrence is a
      strategic investor for PZN. They need the capital and have
      the publicly-traded and liquid stock. We shall see.

    • "I do not seek glory, certainly not on this
      thread. But you still unable to reconsile with, that
      there are people, smarter than you, who'd forseen this
      fiasco from the day one.

      Exchange of one CCA
      share for .875 shares of PZN is a FAIR deal??
      me a break!!! What were you smoking??!!!"

      assume you include include yourself in that smarter
      group, and I will concede it (but see below). I will
      also confess to loving the challenge of an intelligent
      woman, but alas, my wife consumes all of my energy in
      that regard.

      I will also concede that trusting
      Doc on this deal moves me down the intelligence
      ladder a few rungs. But you see, I always asserted that
      he was smarter than me, and we now know that isn't
      saying much.

      BTW, the exchange ratio is something
      you've always been wrong on. Respective fair values
      can't get any fairer. I know of at least one old PZN
      shareholder (>5%) who feels PZN got screwed by being
      saddled with a growth company whose Q4 revenues were less
      than Q3. Fact is, at this point the "screwing" is

    • pro and con regarding some sort of

      "independent OPCO," (and I still can't believe this scenario
      is under discussion as a realistic notion) the last
      graph of your post makes the most sense.
      Talk about
      lawsuits, talk about total loss of credibility, talk about
      being laughed out of the investment world, talk about
      SEC, IRS, FBI, every other agency in the alphabet soup
      of legal and regulatory worlds, this silly idea
      would draw them in spades, hearts, clubs, and
      Only problem is that we've seen similar silliness make
      its way into the soap opera that is PZN for 5 days
      shy of 15 mos. now.
      So I guess no matter how dumb
      ideas become, they now get aired and are weighed where
      this company is concerned. Pity.

      Like you, I've
      begun to wonder whose agenda sundowner has been
      carrying. His initial posts suggested a newguy with a novel
      idea that had some attractiveness but not as a serious
      consideration. Why
      not serious?? PZN would, in effect, become
      such 'damaged goods' that it would be virtually
      worthless. Also would violate probably every covenant in the

      deal between PZN and OPCO---(we don't know that, yea
      or nay, at this point)---
      but explanations made
      at the time by (old)
      CCA officers certainly were
      clear that there could be no 'independent
      Now, all promises, covenants, agreements, and
      explanations made by mgmt. at that time seem to be forgotten
      or ignored.
      (if one is to seriously consider
      suggestions) Which I have a hard time doing, though you do,
      and I respect your
      position. Interestingly though,
      the increasing stridency of the sundown position
      combined with his/her seeming
      intolerance for others'
      skepticism would
      certainly lead one to conclude that
      water is being carried here. But whose??
      Because of
      the above, it is simply beyond belief that such a
      strategy could be PZN-
      inspired. I mean even the mgmt.
      we've been dealing with for the past year couldn't be
      dumb enough to think that memories are THAT short.
      And, the suits that would surely be filed would hold
      up any move like this for years. (Correct me
      bettyboro, but this would be different from class-action
      ones, right?) Could not any "breach of covenants" suits
      tie this up for a long, long time???
      In any case,
      it really stretches any sort of reality to consider
      this as viable, IMO. But as you reminded us, this is
      PZN, after all. Nic

    • we all need to go with our best GUESS. Trading
      equities = taking risk. If you wait too long on this stock
      you're return won't be nearly what it otherwise would
      be. My advise -- GUESS BULLISH on PZN.

    • I believe that is exactly the plan you see unfolding.

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