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  • pkn4mom pkn4mom Jul 19, 1999 8:02 AM Flag

    d%&$** unions

    Took a short vacation and when I returned found
    the 100+ rambling posts here more tiring than a July
    day at Six Flags with the kids. IMHO the question of
    Doc's credibility and the structure of OPCO continue to
    be smokescreens that hide the impact of union
    efforts to demolish this company. Check out Under Pension Fund Activism (8/98 Resolution of
    Funds): "that AFSCME develop and disseminate to
    affiliates model investment and proxy-voting
    guidelines...and information on labor-friendly investment order to...promote the well-being of pension fund
    participants as workers as well as beneficiaries." Also, under
    AFSCME Leader issue 6/99, a 4/99 request to contact the
    International Dept. of Research and Collective Bargaining
    Services "in order to develop a network of members who
    serve as pension fund trustees and

    Note that the mean broker recommendation was 1.27 3
    months ago, 1.88 2 months ago and 2.15 last month and
    now--therefore a much larger drop PRIOR to all of the OPCO fee

    There seems to be more concrete evidence
    that PZN's price is affected by union pressures and
    the $$ behind them than by credibility and OPCO
    issues. If Doc is arrogant, manipulative, sneaky and
    brilliant then he has the qualities needed to fight the
    real war.

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    • Pkn4mom apparently thinks that unions control the
      Wall Street analysts and others in the financial
      community who follow PZN. This is hooey! Go back and read
      Jonathan Litt and Jerry Doctrow's May and June 1999
      reports on PZN--they use publicly-available information
      and their own impression of the fee readjustments
      between Opco and PZN to arrive at a conclusion that they
      do not feel as confident as they once did about PZN.
      This has nothing to do with union efforts to attack
      privatization. No one following the stock--even those who are
      more negative on it--believe that privatization is
      being rolled back (many research reports deal with
      political/legislative issues as well as P.R. fallout from things like

      This board is so polarized between personal attacks on
      Doc Crants, who cannot be the whole problem here, and
      personal attacks on perceived "union shills," who may just
      be people down on the company because they lost
      money (or they could be short sellers). People on this
      board need to quit obsessing about each others'
      personal agendas (yes, there are probably several people
      from PZN posting on this board at any given time as
      well as others who do not wish the company well for a
      variety of reasons). This is the reality of the Internet.

    • Is their any news about positive news coming out today after the board meeting?

    • Go to above website and you can see buy and sell
      interest on any stock, as well as retail and institutional
      activity. Interesting today, no institutional activity at
      all, and only a small amount of retail. I guess any
      interested fund managers got in last week, and the rest are
      going to wait and see.

    • Check out the company called U.S. Funding. I
      invested in their private
      offering for Emsanet - A new
      Internet service provider. When I called U.S.
      they told me that Emsanet should be a profitable
      investment because
      they only charge $12 a month for
      service, have zero debt, plan to be
      profitable before
      they go public & plans to pay dividends before they
      public. They are selling 1,000,000 shares at $3.50 a
      share with a minimum
      investment of $3,500. The
      company plans to go public at the beginning of
      2000 at
      around $20 a share. You can contact them by calling toll
      free (888)
      999-8068 or you can e-mail them at If you e-mail
      them include your daytime phone

    • Susie, you've got to be joking. Where are the
      disclaimers that should go with this type of stock promotion?
      Sounds like the proverbial "too good to be true"

      So I'm in. Call my broker...Dewey, Cheatem & Howe.
      I'll buy the whole 1mm.

    • 9am CST 719-457-2621....replay 719-457-0820
      conf.code 730477

      Talked to my broker and he said
      that the dividends are intact and that the company can
      growth FFO $.43 share in 2001 by just reinvesting
      cashflow into expanded beds. The real goal and why Quinlan
      was brought back is occupancy (OPCO breaks even at

      As Always I speak the truth


    • good to see that you're still in the game!

    • Susie 937--

      If this company whose stock
      you are promoting is not publicly-traded at present,
      you have no business engaging in general
      solicitation. As you should be aware, most exemptions from
      registration under the securities laws require the prospective
      buyers to have a certain income and experience with
      investing and prohibit general solicitations like the one
      you posted. Among the numerous other problems with
      the post, there is no way the company can know in
      advance what its IPO offering price will be, and the
      conspicuous absence of financials (other than the rather
      bizarre statement that the company has no debt--what
      company that knows anything about optimizing its capital
      structure has no debt?) are red flags. I'm forwarding this
      one on to the enforcement division at the SEC.

    • I believe this is the second post of this type that Susie 937 has made in the last few days. G

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