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  • newMK newMK Sep 26, 1999 10:09 PM Flag

    badly broken

    All I know about RJR is what I got out of
    "Barbarians at the Gate". I loved the book, and the HBO movie
    with James Garner as Ross Johnson was hugely
    entertaining. What inspired me most about the book was that
    Johnson changed careers at age 40 and went on to huge
    success, though greed ultimately "done him in".

    think it was First Boston that came up with the tax
    gimmick, but they lost too. Henry just plain had more
    money. But you're right. At least the book and the movie
    portrayed Johnson as victim of ego/greed.

    KKR did
    indeed take it private, then later public. The FTC thing
    you found (amazing!) obviously had to do with their
    prior Beatrice deal (which I think made them a lot more

    It's kind of ironic. At least KKR acknowledged that
    their bonds were "junk". Doc's no doubt still
    shellshocked at how the markets turned his accretive platinum
    to junk.

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