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  • newMK newMK Aug 8, 1999 8:30 PM Flag

    badly broken

    RP did a fine job of answering you. Since you
    were apparently responding to my message, I'll chip in

    While your message is well-intentioned
    and positive with respect to the company, it's a
    little stale. The OPCO you describe is what CCA was a
    year ago - no advancement. Doc, the guy who could do
    no wrong in building the company, is now diminished
    in stature (regardless of how any of the posters
    here feel about him, or how he feels about himself,
    it's just a fact). And the company is tens of millions
    of dollars poorer, while bankers, lawyers,
    accountants and consultants are that much richer.

    interesting that the essence (and facts) of your message echo
    so closely my months and months of pro-Doc posting
    last year, so much so that I and others were dubbed
    "the Happy Brigade". Relative to PZN, all I'm happy
    about now is that I could lose so much value and still
    be solvent.

    Celebrating the successful
    completion of the LOC, the third strike chance for raising
    capital, is a hollow celebration. Better that it had
    failed, and the REIT strategy had died.

    Sorry for
    ranting. But my psychiatrist couldn't help me understand
    why I kept this stock after hearing about the REIT
    last year.

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