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  • tmm3 tmm3 Aug 4, 1999 1:17 PM Flag

    badly broken

    nothing since 7:30 this morning? don't believe it.

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    • in the second paragraph of your post 7383. I should have known it (my interpretation) was too good to be true.

    • For what purpose? So you can maybe collect
      $.003/share so the lawyers can split $$$Millions$$$ of the
      remaining shareholders money.

      Lawyers suing
      corporations is the biggest scam of the legal profession in
      the 20th century! Lawers split big fees to go away
      and the shareholders get zilch.

    • I too bought CCA a few years ago and doubled my money. Now that stocks moved to PZN I've lost a most of my original funds. Is it to late to join the lawsuit?

    • what stock i bought that would have me sell
      pzn....added to a major position in cscq at 4.5...bought
      100,000plus...figured upside greater with cscq at 4.5 minus all the
      self induced problems of doc...figured can see a
      double to 9 long before doc takes us to 20....alsobeen
      buying large amounts of fallen angle krog 1at
      13.....they claim they are selling company at perhaps 20 or
      so....figured doc is probably dead or falling money for
      awhile...and if somehow he delutes co and finds the cash why
      pay40% in taxes...still believe doc is capable of
      pulling a rabbit out of his ass...but have decided
      elsewhere more interseting...but always greatful to the man
      that made me 50mil

    • I was hesitant to mention anything so drastic regarding Doc in a post because I didn't want to encourage a visit from the Yahoo storm troopers. I hear those guys really make a mess of the place.

    • I received information that as many as 4
      different attorneys were requesting investors to enter
      class action law suite against the board when
      transfering from cnn to pzn.Does any one have any updat info
      about this. joyhy

    • You guys are very kind, but in all honesty all I
      did was reiterate what Doc said in his infamous May
      CC. Flip knows I go way back with this stock. I still
      hold it. I'm kind of like RAUGAR - Doc made me some
      money, but I've lost faith in him (doesn't mean he's
      always wrong, but his track record of late is

      If any of my comments show any insight, it would be
      last year when I "begged" Anderson1 to tell Doc to do
      the merger, but drop the REIT. The idea of a fast
      growing, capital hungry company paying out most of its
      annual income (plus all of its accumulated income) to
      shareholders is still, to me, outrageous. Nobody can take that
      concept to a bank and get very far. We swallowed this
      "accretive capital issuance" nonsense, but when everything
      else is stripped away, the model just doesn't make
      business sense. It's no wonder REITs are out of

      In Doc's defense, two years ago the market was
      telling him that REITs were a wonderful capital raising
      technique. But he got too cute with it. He might have pulled
      it off, but his arrogance (and his own failed math)
      "done him in".

      Oh, one other "insight". The
      market reaction to the last strategic investor (HSBC)was
      never positive. I don't see how a new SI will be any
      different, unles the SI takes over the company.

    • Dreman pushed the stock (at $13 or so) in a Forbes column last month. He is a well-known and highly respected value investor. At least he's putting his money where his mouth is!

    • Thanks for the insight. You make a lot of sense. Are you an analyst or broker or insider or...? Can u briefly tell us what your buy/hold/sell opinion is? Thanks for u'r consideration.

    • Mr. Dreman has increased the ownership of his value fund by 1,1 mill shares as of 09/30/99. Does he know something or is it simply bottom fishing? What do you think ?

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