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  • r7ualj r7ualj Oct 27, 1999 10:10 AM Flag

    Again & Again & Again ...


    The Tennessean

    Page 6B
    (Copyright 1999)

    An inmate
    at the Metro Davidson County Detention Facility
    yesterday afternoon in the parking lot at the
    Metro Criminal Justice

    Grove, 20, slipped through his handcuffs and fled from
    guard assigned to watch him and 15 other inmates,
    Warden Tim
    Wilkinson said.

    "He slipped
    through his restraints, bolted and ran, and rather than
    pursuit, the guard stayed with the other 15."

    The inmates from the Harding Place center, which
    is operated by
    Corrections Corp. of America,
    were at the justice center on routine

    Grove is white, 6 feet 2 inches tall,
    weighs 175 pounds and has dark hair
    and hazel eyes.
    He is from Nashville, and was serving a sentence
    aggravated burglary.

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    • While it is easy to throw rocks when one does not
      live in a glass house, as a person who does i realize
      that there were other issues involved. such as isn't
      there suppose to be a sallyport in criminal justice
      centers where inmates go to court to allow for added
      protection. Why was this one not properly working or manned
      by the government employee assigned???????The second
      question becomes where do you get your facts that CCA has
      higher escape rates than other jurisdictions?????The
      cost of a bureaucracy of a large system?????How many
      inmates does North Carolina have compared to
      CCA??????Have you or any other posters on this board actually
      visited a prison?????Might I suggest that you visit one
      in the neighborhood near you and talk with the
      professional correctional officers whether they be public or
      private employees.....I am certain that if you will do
      this with a mind to trying to learn about the
      profession you continually criticize that you might walk
      away with a new found insight. Oh well, enough droning
      for now. By the way you will never find me on this
      board previously as I normally uise by daughter's name
      of glittergoddess...Have fun thinking for a change.

    • But knowing how smart these guys are, I am not too worried that he's gone for good. Probably arrested for jaywalking an hour later.

    • The Houston

      Prisoner says she was raped in transit to city; State,
      county officials investigate case

      State and
      county authorities are investigating a 38-year-old
      woman's claims that she was raped repeatedly by two
      employees of a private prisoner transport company hired to
      return her from Corpus Christie to Houston.

      was charged Sept. 22 in connection with the theft of
      jewelry from an employer, according to records. She was
      arrested earlier this month in Corpus Christie, where she
      has relatives.

      The woman pleaded guilty to a
      felony theft charge Monday before state District Judge
      William Harmon, who sentenced her to 45 days in jail and
      five years' probation. She was given credit for 30
      days already served. She must make restitution for

      She alleges that on Oct. 14 two employees of TransCor
      America, based in Nashville, Tenn., picked up the woman
      and eight other prisoners at the Nueces County

      She arrived here on Oct. 19, and immediately asked
      jailers at the Harris County Jail to take her to the

      She told her sister she and several other prisoners
      were on a six-day trip to Amarillo, Dallas-Fort Worth,
      Lubbock and several other Texas cities before arriving in
      Houston, She claims that the other prisoners witnessed the
      alleged attacks but were threatened when they tried to
      stop the guards.

      She spoke spoke with officers
      of the Texas Department of Public Safety's Criminal
      Intelligence Division last week. On Monday, Harris County
      Sheriff's Department Maj. Juan Jorge said his department
      would investigate the case.

      The sheriff's
      department has contracted with TransCor since 1995, and
      Jorge said this is the first problem he's aware of
      other than a traffic accident in which a prisoner was

      Founded in 1990, TransCor was acquired in 1994 by
      Corrections Corporation of America. David Tucker, TransCors's
      vice president of operations, said the company
      transports about 70,000 prisoners per year for more than
      1,600 agencies across the nation.

      Tucker said
      the two employees involved in transporting the women
      have been placed on administrative leave and that
      trancor would assist the sheriff's department in the

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