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  • r7ualj r7ualj Oct 27, 1999 12:02 PM Flag

    Of course govt run prisons never have

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    • major?

      Duke University has been regarded
      as one of the nation's finest institutions of higher
      education for quite awhile. While the General didn't take
      the time to look at U.S. News & World Report's annual
      rankings of the Best Colleges in America in this year's
      survey, last year's survey (in the 8/31/98 issue)
      indicates (Page 84) that Duke tied for 6th place with the
      likes of U. of Pennsylvania and Cal Tech. Only Harvard,
      Princeton, Yale, MIT, Stanford, and Cornell were ranked
      ahead of Duke among National Universities. Impressive

      Now we see that one of the editors of the
      university's newspaper (The Chronical) writes, in an editorial

      << prisoners should not be simply
      biding there time,>>.

      Well, holy jumpin'
      geehossifat. Here the General thought Duke had a
      scholastically sharp student body (perhaps, with the exception
      of those "tech" majors who, "six munths ago coont
      spel injunear") and now THIS.

      The General
      wouldn't be so critical and condemning of the entire Duke
      University faculty and administration if one of THEIR
      students hadn't committed this foul deed.

      Wait a
      minute. Is there an echo in here?

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      • The Chronicle is and has been a joke. It attracts
        workaholics and those who want to get their names in print,
        but is a student-run paper without backing by faculty
        who would raise the standards to anything worth
        The Chronicle has published all sorts of
        worthless slag, and when confronted with the fact of its
        factual misrepresentations has lacked the decency even to
        publish retractions. While the occasional exception to
        the Chronicle's usual "talent" does occasionally
        appear and make a bright spot for the student body by
        providing a truly high quality piece from time to time,
        this is not the norm. I am unaware of any structural
        changes within the structure of the institution which
        would tend to improve the quality of the publication.
        It's "arch-rival" -- an archconservative, unofficial
        campus rag -- is vastly more literate than The
        Chronicle, even though it advocates positions which are
        occasionally downright outlandish.
        But at least it tries
        to think when it editorializes, and works hard not
        to lie directly. Kindly do not look to The Chronicle
        to reflect the quality of the student body
        generally. It isn't a selective institution, and attracts
        more than its share of wannabes.
        PS. I
        think prisoners shouldn't just be biding their time,
        either. I think they should be working their asses off to
        repay their debt to society. I met a guy who did 10
        years in TDC for pot, and spent it picking cotton. No
        joke. Now, there's a man who gained some respect for
        the law. Not that it made him LIKE the law, but he
        RESPECTS it. I'd have to read the rest of the Chronicle
        editorial to see if it is the same caliber of hogwash which
        stopped me from reading the fool thing when I was a

      • The General wasn't a journalism major. He was one of those who, six munths ago coont even spel injunear.

    • Your research continues to fascinate me. We can
      count on you to share with us any negative article
      regarding CCA/PZN or privatization. Of course, we can find
      it from other sources, too, such as the AFSCME site
      or CUSA.

      The North Carolina piece was
      particularly interesting. The writer seems totally out of
      touch with the corrections climate. Rightly or wrongly,
      the pendulum has swung away from rehabilitation to
      warehousing. Society has said get the criminals off the
      streets, lock 'em up, take away their privileges and don't
      parole 'em. Hence, privatization, as there weren't and
      aren't enough beds to hold everyone that "we" want to
      lock up.

      The states get what they pay for, and
      they know what they pay for. If CCA's management is
      deficient, the answer is simple - don't renew their
      contract. Contract renewal is the most powerful incentive
      to a private company, and I trust CCA is

      What you, and other critics, keep forgetting is that
      the private facilities are typically new, with new
      staff. I doubt if their start-up experiences are any
      worse than newly opened public facilities.

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      • This anti-privatization stuff really gets me
        going. Perhaps you're right, private companies can't be
        trusted with holding criminals. Nor, perhaps, should they
        be trusted with flying airplanes, building roads,
        making drugs, running universities, processing foods or
        arming the military.

        Many of these industries
        could take a lesson from our public school system. It
        has flourished so well under government direction,
        particularly since the teachers unionized.

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