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  • newMK newMK Oct 27, 1999 5:25 PM Flag

    Of course govt run prisons never have

    Your research continues to fascinate me. We can
    count on you to share with us any negative article
    regarding CCA/PZN or privatization. Of course, we can find
    it from other sources, too, such as the AFSCME site
    or CUSA.

    The North Carolina piece was
    particularly interesting. The writer seems totally out of
    touch with the corrections climate. Rightly or wrongly,
    the pendulum has swung away from rehabilitation to
    warehousing. Society has said get the criminals off the
    streets, lock 'em up, take away their privileges and don't
    parole 'em. Hence, privatization, as there weren't and
    aren't enough beds to hold everyone that "we" want to
    lock up.

    The states get what they pay for, and
    they know what they pay for. If CCA's management is
    deficient, the answer is simple - don't renew their
    contract. Contract renewal is the most powerful incentive
    to a private company, and I trust CCA is

    What you, and other critics, keep forgetting is that
    the private facilities are typically new, with new
    staff. I doubt if their start-up experiences are any
    worse than newly opened public facilities.

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