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  • avi29 avi29 Oct 28, 1999 12:13 PM Flag

    NewMK and Abadaba7

    I did not ask tham "I saw PZN has a 25% dividend,
    please tell me about PZN." I posed two very specific
    questions about the company after stating my own opinion
    and specific facts. In the time it took them to tell
    me "I am not going to give you an answer" they could
    have given me three answers to my

    And now I can say the same for you.

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    • Your questions were broad discussion and opinion
      types of questions that have been discussed here over
      and over again on here with everyone giving their

      Are we supposed to all reiterate our views on them
      every time someone joins the board when they are
      already there for all newcomers to read!!

      PZN is
      a very complex situation and you can't understand
      what's going on by asking such broad questions and
      getting someone to respond.

      The two responders
      who offendede you, were giving you the BEST answers
      to your questions. Only you didn't recognize

      If you stick around here and participate in the
      discussions on the same topics over and over again, see how
      you feel when someone new comes here and wants you to
      repeat it all over again, for just him, when the answers
      to his questions have been posted here at least a
      dozen times during the past month!

      • 2 Replies to Need_High_Yield
      • defenses. N_H_Y's response (to which this
        replies) brought to mind an incident that took place about
        a quarter of a century ago and involved a very
        talented and funny performer, the late Danny Kaye (b:
        David Kaminsky). It also brings a smile to the
        General's face.

        The General had seen Mr. Kaye in one
        of his one-man concert performances, but this was a
        different kind of "concert" performance.

        For those
        lurkers unfamiliar with Danny Kaye, towards the latter
        part of his career, which spanned almost every aspect
        of show business, Danny contributed his comedic
        talents to benefit the pension funds of numerous major
        (and minor) symphony orchestras throughout this
        country and he happened to be doing his "shtick" for the
        one near where the General and his family were

        So he gathered the entire brood and went to see him.
        Knowing full well that he would probably be ridiculous,
        he made a pact (with himself) that he would NOT
        laugh at Kaye's antics. Of course, everyone else was
        free to do so if they found his stuff

        So Kaye, as guest conductor (who, incidentally,
        can't read music. That was Sylvia Fine, his talented
        wife's forte) begins the evening's concert of well know
        classical and light classical works by explaining to the
        audience that he's always felt bad for the patrons who
        arrive late to a performance and thereby miss hearing
        the part of the concert that's already been

        He's going to solve that problem, he tells the
        attendees, by stopping the orchestra right where they happen
        to be whenever a "latecomer" enters the concert hall
        and starting the entire concert from the very
        beginning (of course, at an accelerated tempo so that the
        the latecomer(s) can get brought up to speed

        Now, the first couple of times he does this, we're
        talkin' replaying maybe the first 10 or 20 minutes of the
        program and, increasingly, the longer the concert
        continues, the faster the musicians have to play to "catch

        When, after the intermission, someone enters "late,"
        during the second half, Kaye asks the (embarassed)
        person if they were there for the first part of the
        program and just missed the beginning of the second half
        or if they've just now arrived. The patron
        (undoubtedly a shill) says they've just arrived, whereupon
        Kaye makes the orchestra (frantically) repeat the
        entire first half of the program at a tempo that would
        make the Flight of the Bumble Bee seem like a funeral

        At this point the General had to throw in the towel
        and surrender.

        Of course, if these postings
        were as "ephemeral" as the "sounds" from a theatre
        performance or a concert, the General imagines that a case
        could be made for having to repeat everything that's
        gone before to "newcomers."

        But the nice thing
        is, they're not.

      • about (over-and-over again)repeat questions & complexity of this stock.Anyway,avi29 sounds like a sissy & is already getting arrogant w/ his newly learned info (post#7477).

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