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    • Lets cut to the chase. Pzn looks like it has

      EPS of 1.00 . If its growth rate is 20 % then we have
      a $15-$20 stock. Not too bad for the
      funds and the new buyers. I seriously doubt that the
      market multiple of 28 is possible unless ML does a super
      sales job.
      Of course you crunchers may have
      different numbers.

    • If they have decided to revert back to a c corp
      and the word has gotten out to someone -- or at least
      someone figured it out -- that someone could be the big
      buyer of the last few days and they would be betting
      this announcement will push the price

      Should we be sellers or buyers next week?

    • It seems to me that the key to figuring out what
      is going to happen next is to try and answer why pzn
      would have decided to say that all div. this year are
      the special rather then regular. If they are indeed
      going to pay the regular in Jan. then the only thing
      they have done is buy themselves thirty

      Is that the answer -- they needed 30 more

      Or what if they decided to convert back to a c corp.
      In the 10Q they did admit that new cca can't make it
      -- "amounts presently anticipated to be available to
      new cca will not be sufficient to offset all of new
      cca's expected future operating losses." I think they
      are telling us something with this

      If the decision to convert back to a c corp has been
      made why is it better to say all the div. were special
      this year rather than regular? There must be a

      My bet is they are going back to a c corp and merge
      everything together. No more div. will be paid. At least
      they will be profitable. If this happens what do you
      think will happen to the stock price?

      I think
      all the SI proposals have pushed for going back to a
      c corp and now they will say ML has highly
      recommended it so they need to do it.

    • " will this play into getting new financing
      or equity participation?"

      Frankly, in all the
      time I've owned this stock, I've never been more
      confused. Jr. can talk to PolyRat but not the investment
      community. Reading the 10-Q leaves me with more questions
      than answers. People I trust think doc is really in
      the process of leaving. Smart people have concern PZN
      is outside of the covenants. It looks like (to me)
      that some mutual fund has taken the stance that
      they'll buy any shares offerred at $9 but aren't going to
      chase it to $9 3/8ths.

      I still think (or perhaps
      it's hope at a high level) that we'll get some
      direction by next Friday. My reasoning is that there can't
      be that many options outstanding and ML was hired
      because they convinced Doc of 1 or 2 options that are
      workable. To make an announcement, you don't have to
      implement the chosen option, just have decided what it

      Perhaps all of these new happennings are solely about
      getting a little extra time until we find out about the
      upcoming potential new business. Maybe we switched IB's
      because Lehman looked at the Special Dividend switcharoo
      and said "you can't do that" (Remember, Lehman lined
      up the banking group) while ML, who's been out of
      everything so far said "looks good to us."

      I just
      don't know.

    • i thought was going on, they are the logical buyers, they loved the stock at much higher prices...

    • Benedict Arnold: Born 1741, died

      West Point opened March 16, 1802.

      "A cadet will
      not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who

      Is Doc still a KAY-det?

      Trust Military
      Academy Cadets (Kay-Dets) Ex-officio?

    • Great recap BTW, I compared the 10Q's for second
      and third quarters and saw that CCA/PZN combined lost
      over 10 million in Q3 after eliminations of all
      intercompany lease and other related income. This same
      combination made 31 million for the first six months. It
      appears that CCA revenue is flat to down in Q3 and
      operational expenses are up significantly which is the cause
      of the Q3 loss. In your opinion how will this play
      into getting new financing or equity participation?

    • They break all trades into 3 catagories in the
      pie chart: Retail, Institutional, and Non-I watch.
      The first two are self explainatory. The third, I
      suppose, is anything that can't be identified as one of
      the first two. They're a bit vague about that and how
      they get the information. At least, that's how I read


      I assume non-institutional means retail - that's us (the small fry).

    • What else do you know about this? Where was the casino? How big was it? Could there have been any way Doc could have come under the influence of savory people?

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