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  • flipper_58 flipper_58 Nov 19, 1999 5:23 PM Flag

    Bringing CCA public

    Comments? Certainly would make PZN tenant sound.

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    • Yes, ML is now working with PZN to look for a SI.
      I'm not sure that the announcement of a Strategic
      Investor will automatically result in a positive impact to
      the stock price; I think it depends on the details of
      any deal, especially as they impact shareholder

      As far as your assertion that recent positive share
      price activity relates to some success on ML's part
      finding a SI, I don't feel strongly either

      You mention potential new CEO. I don't get the sense
      anything is happenning in that regard.

      As far as
      deREITing making things sweeter, I'm afraid I've thrown the
      towel in on those hopes. I'm guessing that Lehmann got
      fired because all of their prospective SI's either
      wanted conversion to a C corp and/or Doc gone. I now
      don't think either will happen.

    • thank you

    • Rp I think I understand correct me if I'm wrong.
      Merrell Lynch in conjuction with PZN are looking for
      funds to pay the special div by hook or by crook and
      the recent activity seems to indicate some success on
      ML part. Of course ML and a anoucement of a SI would
      sweeten things up providing that the SI is someone with
      credibility on BIG resources. New CEO, CFO, and credibility
      restored by WS and a major push by ML and were on our way.
      The only thing that could make it sweeter is that
      your dereiting sscenerio is done down the pike. What
      say u?

    • One of your moronic ideas, Flipper!!!
      CCA public now would amount to STEALING it from the
      former owners of CCA without due compensation. Also,
      will create miriad of problems vis-a-vis both sets of
      shareholders. We discussed this route many times, already.
      Merging private CCA back into PZN and THEN doing an IPO
      is a proper
      way, although I am not sure it is
      neccessary to
      keep REIT alive (still, not a bad form for
      keeping real estate in!).

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