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  • justmyview justmyview Nov 26, 1999 12:44 AM Flag

    Fore Cast Doom on These Numbers!!!

    Either investors can't take good news or this
    message board is being used to drive stk prices down. The
    PZN picture is not perfect, however, analysts project
    '99 earnings $2.34 & 2000 earnings at 2.36. They also
    project a 5yr growth rate of 11.6% about 25% higher than
    the REIT industry. Liquidity problem is minor in the
    long-term scheme of things.
    3Q results were about $0.55
    with 4,056 new beds under contract. Announcement that
    Wisconsin will be contracting 1,896 more beds. Mgt is
    committed to issuing the special dividend in cash, $1.20 to
    $1.80 probably before the end of December.
    would have you believe bankruptcy is pending. They
    would have you believe all their number crunching leads
    them to tell you how dire the situation is. They sure
    are helpful, or, are they attempting to depress stk
    prices just before a large dividend is
    Can't we just be happy that we are investors in a solid
    company selling far below market value. Appreciation of
    stk price should be very positive in the future and
    you are going to be paid solid dividends well you
    wait for the appreciation. Don't give your dividend
    away, keep you position and take the pending good news
    with a smile. Remember, a week ago someone sold a lot
    of shares at $7.50, just before it went to about $10
    and a few weeks before an announcement of a large
    cash dividend.
    This is a no brainer. Anyone who
    leaves now should have their heads examined. I guess
    good new is just to hard for some people to take.

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    • is your long bias based on fundamentals, or just
      that the srock has come down so far? What is your take
      on the company's ability to meet dividend
      expectations, which is after all the bottom line? And the SI
      issue seems to overhang the stock.

      BTW, can the
      SI buy into the existing float, or must it be "new"
      stock? Can the SI simply buy the existing stock in the
      marketplace (e.g., the block action we've seen around 9) and
      have Doc declare them the "strategic investor" we've
      been awaitng like the messiah? Or is the SI a term of
      art that, like so many things, I don't understand?

    • You NEVER knew then or know now if I was/am long, short or neutral. However, IF I were to be long, it would rather be now than then - just as a spec, no conviction.

    • I've followed this board for the last year and in
      the last two weeks the number of positive post
      compared to negative posts has taken a turn. The POSITIVE
      posters seem to be winning and turning this stock into a
      bull. Does this mean that people are becoming more
      confident in the company? Let's see what the volume does
      this week and next. We should see some heavy trading
      as people that sold for the tax benefit of their
      losses back in Oct and early Nov start to come back in
      for next years investment. I'm long....but don't rely
      on my posts as I'm just a speculator as we all are.

    • Pass the bonds and start praying!

    • and start praying. It's getting close to crunch time and we need a miracle. MK, a bond with a 12.5 %coupon would be a dream come true to me, at this point.

    • Looks like no tie for Doc on Father's Day. But
      perhaps a bit of chocolate for you on Valentine's Day!
      (Add more exclamation points if you

      FWIW, I suspect you've closed your long position (I
      still think you confessed being long at one point). You
      just don't seem to have that old venom. Or does being
      right (even for the wrong reasons) calm your soul?
      Anyway, it's always nice to hear form you

    • the quality of privates does not even really
      depend on the company. having worked for both privare
      and govt, it is the quality of the contract. if the
      contracting agency demands very specific standards and has a
      quality control component with constant monitoring, there
      will be delivery of a quality product. Agencies with
      loosely written RFPs and generic contracts will
      ultimately be met with the rationale that "its what the
      contract calls for". Kentucky has a decent product because
      they took the time for research and continue to hold
      CCA to a high performance level.

    • <<You asked why I think the stock price
      will go up. I don't know. But I keep holding it, so I
      think it's going up, or I'd sell. Or maybe it's
      the dividends. But I don't want it to be a REIT.
      just say I'm totally confused. And I've been
      wrong every step of the way. So if I'm holding and

      am wrong, I should sell. But if I sell, I would be
      wrong, so I can't sell. HELP!!!!>>

      exclamation signs, my friend?? Looks more and more like you
      know who's writings!!!

    • It may be true mecosmo2, I think all privatlization issues will come to pass in the year 2000.
      I have no confidence in the privatlization of our countries prisons.

    • It may be true mecosmo2, I think all the prvatelization issues qill come to past in the year 2000.
      I have no confidence in the whole concept.

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