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  • Ray_Dander Ray_Dander Dec 2, 1999 12:09 PM Flag

    Regarding Swankywanky's posts

    I believe, friends, that our fellow poster
    Swankywanky is speaking metaphorically with respect to one or
    more members of PZN management rather than actually
    with respect to an occupant of a PZN facility. Time
    will tell.

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    • is this a hunch or do you have information that would lead you to believe this to be true? Saw this happen with the old AST Research and shareholders were fu#ked.

    • my hunch is that doc does not care if the stock
      goes down...naturally he would not say that...but he
      is a clever guy and understands that silence can
      worry wall st...but the falling price helps doc recover
      his lost fortune....look for someone like blackstone
      to make a offer for the company when the stock gets
      closer to 5..perhaps a 7 to 8 offer with doc and other
      key management allowed to keep their stock...then a
      nice option package in the private company...this is
      the only way doc can recover...if you think this
      stock is going back to 30 or 40 you are still in
      denial...doc needs to keep his stock and receive 3 to 4 per
      cent incentive package in a private say blackstoned
      owned company....this is the most logical and
      unfortunatly legal thing for him to and wall st
      firm can be hired to write opinion/fairness...stock is
      under 8 and if we go to 5ish 7 to 8 "nice premium" over

    • its dividend announcement, the stock tanked and
      is still going down, in spite of what APPEARS to be
      good fundamentals. No one can figure what is wrong
      there, but even the announcement of a e-venture hasn't
      helped that stock. Once people get nervous, it takes
      more than just status quo to reassure them. (IMHO).
      The delay in dividend announcement did damage to PRT
      as did the cut in dividend to KRT (although not
      nearly as much, again IMHO.)


    • I believe your assessment of the dividend
      announcement is correct. If the announcement is delayed until
      next week, panic could set in and the stock could take
      a real tumble to $6. It could fall enough that even
      a somewhat positive dividend announcement may only
      boost it back to $7/$7.5. It would be a sever shock to
      the confidence of all investors, if that hasn't
      happened already. I view new lows as extremely bad for
      this stock. The $7.5 blips were bad, but a dip that
      lasts for days would be terrible.

    • "Dereit seems to be answer with the SI in the bag". What or who is SI?

    • Please e-mail me a copy of Haley report and will send you
      a copy of PZN Financial Model which was
      given to analysts.

    • Someone just e-mailed it to me earlier this
      evening; thanks. The only thing positive I saw was that
      "2001 earnings power approaches $1.05 EPS". 2000 sucks
      at $.49 but if we could get $1.05 in 2001 that would
      support a $15 share price 9-12 months from

      One thing I can't figure. What is taking so damn
      long? There really aren't that many options and during
      the delay we've dropped from $10 to $7.5.
      Psychologically, this drop is doing tremendous technical damage to
      the stock.

      Doc had to have known such a delay
      would punish the stock price. I don't understand.

    • who gives the reit its business
      can the man?
      yeah that will help the stock
      good god

    • Doc has been known for filling the beds. Did you
      read the Cris Haley report? Many assumptions but
      managment has to be revamped. Dereit seems to be answer
      with the SI in the bag. The only thiong positisve that
      Ican see is that Chris Haley owns some stock. Like to
      hear you view. If you can't access I'll e-mail it.

    • Why would that be a mistake? If not through
      resignation(s), how will the management credibility issues be

      Personally, I'd like to see Jr. step down in conjunction with
      a deREITing. We may still need Doc. Everything was
      fine until Jr. came into the picture.

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