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  • angel_kitty_1 angel_kitty_1 Dec 12, 1999 12:21 AM Flag

    Flipper if you'll remember

    from my posts..I wasn't "whining" BECAUSE the price of the stock was dropping...I was upset because of WHY it was dropping.

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    • IPO flipping is what I do to feed my family, as
      insane as that sounds. IPO's have boom and bust cycles
      so I was attracted to CCA/PZN for it's dividend and
      growth potential. I obviously can't buy too much FMKT
      and like on the offer so I take the extra dough and
      buy income investments.

      Buying IPO's on the
      offering is not as hard as you think, like buying a
      car.....keep calling sale people till you find the right
      match, and then open up lots of them.

    • VRSN...value
      Walk through: If we assume
      initial earnings of $-19,700,000 grow at a rate of
      15.47%, and we discount those future earnings at a rate
      of 20.00%, we arrive at a net present value for the
      company's next 10 years of earnings of $0. To account for
      potential earnings beyond the 10th year, we estimate a
      growth rate of 11.00%, a discount rate of 15.00%, and we
      arrive at a continuing value of $0. To complete the
      calculation we add these two figures together, subtract the
      long-term debt for VRSN ($0), and divide by the outstanding
      shares (102,510,000) to get a per share intrinsic value
      of $0.00.

      This is a crap shoot and so is

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      • I feel a good bit of the reason PZN sits at this
        level is because Doc was not straight forward(you
        should hear what some analysts called it) with occupancy
        numbers from last fall am into early 1999. All this was
        buried in Opco. You can't analyze what you can not see,
        so we all took Doc's word that occupancy was fine.
        The May CC was the bold truth as told by something
        analysts understand, numbers. Two days before that meeting
        the stock was $22 and picking up steam. The
        creditabilty issue is huge.

        But that's

        As far as Versign, Redhat, Doubleclick, and on and
        on....this is the area I make my living, flipping them. I
        have since I left brokerage sales in the mid 80's. Hot
        IPO's are created by liquidity, not anything else. A
        few of the bubbles I bought, PC Makers((late
        80's,most belly up), Environmental stocks(late 80's,Gov't
        slush fund gone), Biotech stocks (in the early 90's, a
        faction produced anything), Beer
        stocks(90's,competition), Gambling Stocks(mid 90's,competition) and on and
        on. In the end they must make money and if your on
        the wrong side of the liquidity going in your bombed.
        This interent bubble is bigger than anything I've ever
        imagined, dreamed wished, wanted, hoped and ever read
        about. I had two 5+ fold IPO's last week. A few 3 fold
        and a few two fold. IN ONE WEEK. I can't buy much,
        but I made $30k on 150 of FMKT....and almost as much
        on VA Linux. one hundred and fifty
        HUNDRED( not a lot of stock) and day....if you
        want to buy these things from me in the open market at
        those prices.THEY ARE ALL YOURS!!!.

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