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  • fullcount_1999 fullcount_1999 Apr 15, 2000 9:33 AM Flag

    You all miss the point

    privatization. If you go back 5 to 10 years, you
    will always see a union-sponsored effort to get the
    Federal courts to ban privatization. It has NEVER even
    gotten out of the starting blocks because the economics
    of privatization (whether it's corrections, or
    another industry) will always drive the decisions. To
    make it even stronger, the privates have proven they
    can do as good or better a job at the service (sure
    you read about problems in the papers, but the
    private companies still have less problems than the
    public system -- it' sjust easier for the NY Times to
    print about privates.

    In addition, there has
    been several publications from the Federal system
    themselves over the past 9 months that specifically states
    the Fed's will utilize the privates to solve/deal
    with the current and projected ever increasing
    overcrowding problems. These are not my words, but the Federal
    system itself.

    You will always see opponents to
    this industry, but the industry will continue to grow
    because the fundamentals and economics of privatization
    will always carry the day.

    We just need for PZN
    to clean up it's corporate act. But don't overlook
    other good player(s) in this business. They should all
    be good stock appriciating investments at these

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    • You received mislead information, The information
      you received on this subject is just what they have
      wanted you to receive, Have you ever tried to obtain
      information that they dont want you to receive?
      Dig deeper
      my friend, you will find a diferent story, other
      that what the private sectur wants you to receive. Go
      back and dig into Federal Reports on
      I know what you are thinking, there is all kinds of
      reports out there concerning privatelization pro's and
      con's. but got the the federal government reports, not
      the private studies, which can be bought for a price.
      You will see a totaly diferent opinion.
      reports are almost complete, and final studys almost
      Privatelization of our countrys prison system is almost a thing
      of the past.

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