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  • LONG_36_80 LONG_36_80 Apr 13, 2000 8:23 PM Flag

    You all miss the point

    Fact of the matter is, private corrections are
    dead in America. Bozo's like BigHead with their $25
    projection are as full of crap as they were last spring with
    their $50 projections when the stock was $20. Take a
    look at WHC, new lows. No REIT excuses, no Doc Crants
    or Junior, just bad business. Each down draft has a
    new set of Bozo's all thinking they have the magic.
    Ever fight a local cop on a traffic ticket? End
    result, you lose, CCA is finding the same result.

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    • How many times have you heard the only way to
      know for sure is to try it.
      Ever think that is what
      the Federal Government is doing, If you notice, they
      have backed up off several orivate contracts
      Have a nice day!!!!!

    • You are incorrect about the studies on
      privatization by the Federal Government. Why do you think the
      Fed's continue to let contracts to private joints? You
      might want to try and cite specific sources of
      information you post. Then all of us could check them out.

    • that I referred to was DIRECTLY from the Fed's,
      not the privates. You should log-off the computer now
      so you don't miss your union meeting......I hear
      it's free beer and chips this time.

      All kidding
      aside, you should not spread rumors, it only weakens
      your argument. Go to the Federal material and you will
      see that the Feds support privatization.

    • Corrections industry, just pessimistic about any
      possibility that prison overcrowding will ever go away (which
      is why I'm optomistic about the first

      No doubt that if a magic pill could cure drug
      addition that it would have a very big impact on prisons,
      but (unfortunately) I don't see that happening in my
      or my grandchildren's lifetime. I'm a realist, which
      is why I'm big on this industry. The industry will
      continue to grow, you just need to hook up with the
      company with the right management team (which is not Doc
      and company, but PZN will still do well because of
      their size).

    • Sorry if it seemed that way. We are in complete
      agreement. I guess I just saw a chance to get on my soap box
      after quickly going through some posts, including
      yours. More on "pills to eliminate cravings" in a future
      post. Right now, the market is about to close. Peace,

    • Huh...

      Why are you coming down on

      I'm not against Methadone... I'm for it!

      said with a new pill to eliminate drug cravings,
      private prisons would be in trouble. I then stated that
      contrary to drug dealers and users, Methadone patients are
      NOT in jail and neither are those legally dispensing

      You must have made your own interpretation of what I
      said based upon what you thought I would be

      Your example of someone on Methadone for 30 years does
      dupport my statement that Methodone is NOT a cure, just a
      LEGAL drug addiction!!!

    • In addition to methadone, there is LAAM
      (levo-acetylmethadol) which has a much longer half-life, and only needs
      to be taken 3 times a week. This is being made
      widely available, and could increase our ability to
      treat addicts. We don't yet have out magic pill -- the
      trouble is they keep coming up with new drugs faster than
      we can invent pills to cure them. And so long as
      there is a fast buck in dealing drugs, we will have
      people trying to get that fast buck. Newt Gingrich and
      John Mica have both proposed making large scale drug
      trafficking capital crimes. Of course, PZN prefers to set up
      lower levels of security than death row.

    • The reason heroin addicts get desperate for drugs
      is that heroin has a short half-life, and the plasma
      levels change quickly, rising and falling, with the
      result that the addict goes into withdrawal (feels sick)
      and "needs" relief. So many go out and rob someone to
      get money for drugs -- this is over and above those
      who just commit crime on general principles. However,
      those who became addicted and prefer a straighter life
      can get into methadone programs. Nethadone is taken
      orally, and has a longer half-life, so you get a steady
      state in plasma levels, so the addict (patient) does
      not get sick so long as they get their daily dose.
      It's a lot cheaper than locking them up, and causes
      less social disruption. Many methadone patients pay
      for their own treatment, and have regular jobs. Yes,
      being completely drug free would be better, but for
      many, being "addicted" to methadone is the next best

    • beats hell out of heroin. If we had more
      methadone clinics, we would have fewer heroin addicts
      robbing people at gunpoint. Our history shows that we are
      not concerned so much about addiction as long as the
      addicts behave themselves. We actually used to treat
      alcoholism with morphine (that's how the term "the southern
      addict" came about). As far as I'm concerned, we could
      take care of drug dealers by making them eat their
      inventory, but leave methadone alone -- I personally know
      methadone patients who work and support their families, and
      generally care about their communities. There was an
      article in the New York Times a few years ago about a
      musician who had been on methadone for 30 years, no crime,
      no violence.

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