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  • Reitmaster_98 Reitmaster_98 May 1, 2000 4:05 PM Flag

    Raugar Jr

    That is the funniest post I have seen in
    a long time..I needed the humor. Thanks

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    • big man now speaks small words. Has he lost his shirt?

    • What's your logic for loading up on JCP?

    • I am not less bullish but less financially
      to buy a whole lot more even though the
      price is an absolute steal.

      I loaded up in SBUX
      and JCP recently and have
      little resources left
      that I can use to buy
      PZN. If PZN was at current
      price come rights
      offering time, then I will
      exercise my rights.

      This price is just too cheap. I
      am not worried
      though. PZN is going to be a
      strong company
      in about a year.


    • You sound less optimistic than previously, saying
      things like, you're "over-allocated to ... PZN" and "if
      I buy in rights offering on PZN" (if rather than

      I am particularly surprised to hear you equivocate
      on the rights offering.

      Do I misunderstand
      you, or are you less bullish than a month ago?

    • Late-in-the-day buying is encouraging, but I wish it were at 3.75 rather than under 2.75, speaking as someone who has just about all the PZN he dares to own-- been burned once already on this POS.

    • Late-in-the-day buying is encouraging, but I wish it were at 3.75 rather than under 2.75, speaking as someone who has just about all the PZN he dares too-- been burned once already on this POS.

    • I am saving buying power to load up on more

      Really over-allocated to SBUX and PZN right
      now and won't buy more except if I buy in
      rights offering on PZN.


    • Someone somewhere must be a little intrested in
      it..In the last 20 minutes of trading they bought
      157,500 shares in 20,000 increments or larger.Seems like
      thats an awful lot of money that someones wanting to
      invest..And it has to be for the long haul cause everyday the
      closing price is lower than the opening price so it cant
      be day traders could it? This isn't just today
      either.has been like this most every day the past two
      weeks.Any thought who it could be?? Big Man Herb maybe?

    • Papa is short pzn....doc and doc jr and
      going down tubes...what doc to do? What
      doc jr to
      do? Millions lost....prison not
      same as in 4
      months ago...entire industry
      changed since
      October....raugar sr says he
      knows all...raugar jr on to his
      tricks...raugar jr is buying pzn with trust
      fund....papa mad
      as hell...doc no longer sleep
      in bed with
      papa....doc jr making his move
      on pzn.

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      • you must be i never short..after my
        huge loss in amzn....i aiway appreciated hearing info
        that is different than what my investment would want
        me to never had any problems hearinf
        opinions that were the way thats why i went
        from bullish to bearish on pzn 25 points is
        only trash bullish or bearish that is on no
        load up on this stock...or this stock sucks....or he
        must be union or short because he had a negative
        opinion on is how you make good
        decisions...its obvious this co has many many problems which is
        why its near 2.....but i sure would not short because
        that would be risky...certainly more risky than going
        long..when/if the dust settles may go long...rather buy at4 or
        5 if i became bullish than buy at 2.5 when still
        perhaps many far the only correct
        investment during the last year was to sell....

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