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  • realtimequote realtimequote May 4, 2000 7:43 AM Flag

    Apologies or not,

    my post still stands. You wrote it, you posted it. Poor rearing, indication of kind of family you come from! That is REAL!


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    • Lets all go to the bank in the morning, draw out
      our accounts, life savings, and give it to these
      sorry sob's so they can do with it, what they have done
      with everone's investment so far. Or another idea
      comes in mind, which will produce the same results as
      investing it into this laughting stock.

      Lets all
      combind our money, go to the nearest farm, stick it up a
      pigs ass.

    • ...on something, Flipper. I too believe
      privatization is the way to go. But (and it is a big but)the
      privates must be willing to deliver a quality product
      instead of ripping off the govts and the

      Despite what you may think, I am not in favor of
      unions....just fair

      Training/classification/compensation are the key. (Along with management we can trust)

    • I really do hope PZN's stock price has a big move
      up soon as I am a strong believer in the
      privatization industry. Gov't running businesses is not the
      answer, IMO, and continues to prove so all the time. I
      strongly believe in the ability of the free markets to
      solve problems. We/I have spoken of this more times
      then I care to think about.

      The problem has
      been this idealistic line of thinking that cost me a
      lot of money. Not looking at CCA/PZN's individual
      situation versus "the future of the industry".

    • When you review his messages over the past year,
      they seem to vary from wildly bullish to Doc should be
      locked up in one of his own facilities. I just thought
      the assertion that the lawsuits are moot should not
      go unchallenged, even though it should be obvious to
      anybody who thinks about it. PZN should be a decent
      investment if they ever get their shit together. But until
      occupancy is up significantly, and the bleeding from spec
      building stops, I don't see risking more capital. And I
      don't think the lawsuits are trivial -- apparently
      neither does PL.

    • bother to respond to this idiot. I'm surprised
      he's not still pumping PRT on the PRT board. The
      biggest problem with him is his name, "Reitmaster", which
      gives some the impression he knows something about
      Reits. Hopefully no one is taken in and makes
      investments based on what he writes on these boards. Based on
      past performance, his positive post is the best reason
      I know to sell this loser!


    • PZN is broke ! If new capital is not injected,
      the company has no alternative but bankruptcy.
      Pacific Life is offering to help reorganize the
      company(s) and get them (PZN/OPCO, et al)back on their feet.
      I agree they should expect us stockholders to put
      new money in the company. Let's face it. We made
      mistakes sticking with the Company and it's failed
      strategies. Nobody, especially Pacific Life, held a gun to
      our head and made us hold on to the bitter end. We
      who have been around a long time realized the value
      of owning stock in a company that builds and runs
      private prisons. We need hard nosed leadership that faces
      the facts. We have had too much smoke and mirrors.
      It's going to take new money to get the "ship
      righted". We just need to hitch up our britches and cough
      up the money for the rights and get on with the
      reconstruction of the Co. IMHO.

    • IMHO, PZN's new amt of stock being more than
      doubled after the offering won't matter until PZN has
      positive earnings
      since every dollar raised increase
      both the number of common shares as well as to the new
      book value of the company,
      per share price/book
      remains the same, doesn't it?
      PZN is now trading as
      the perceived book value IMHO

    • A reverse split opens the downside to the shorts; they'd be all over this stock.

    • THey had better have some good news or this rights offering will be a flop.

    • PZN has roughly 120mm shares outstanding. PZN
      plans on raising $200mm in a rights offering(other wise
      know as selling NEW shares of stock) At $200mm that
      equals roughly 120mm NEW shares that need to be sold to
      equal their needed $200mm.

      2) PZN is offering a
      12% PIK (payment in Kind...meaning they pay dividends
      in the same stock you own)preferred stock with
      specific dates to convert to common stock. Since the cash
      preferred yields 17%, it will cause you to convert the PIK
      pref. quickly or suffer a large loss because of the
      "low"(12%) expected dividend. BOttom line, this should add
      50mm NEW shares to PZN already doubled

      The total is roughly 170mm new shares for sale this
      year. Can the stock go up, of course it can. Will it? I
      don't know. The information I'm stating is more a
      matter of record not my assumptions as some would imply.
      As I stated, can a stock go up with 140% NEW shares
      being offered for sale in 6 months? I tend to feel not
      becausee of the laws of supply and demand....this is no
      reflection of CCA, PZN, Private Corrections, Tom Beasley, or
      the price of rice in Hong Kong. Why do PL and
      Fortress want a convertible preferred that pays versus
      common stock is my question to others?

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