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  • investorgroup investorgroup May 12, 2000 3:47 PM Flag

    re: annual report

    to stikninrose2000, There is one shining good
    example to look at. I invest in most of the corrections
    stocks, and was surprised to see that most of them took
    bonuses in 1999 in spite of dropping stock prices. The
    one EXCEPTION to this was CRN, which looks like the
    only one of the companies consistently growing EPS
    without any surprises. Even though CRN posted 30 or 40%
    1999!!! It's good to see a business-minded good company
    that puts itself with its shareholders.
    While I
    like most stocks in this industry at these prices,
    that is why I hold most of my corrections stocks in

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    • and CRN took over the management of the combined companies ?

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      • and how CRN has their act together, I just saw
        this on the wire this morning (this is the kind of
        good press this industry needs!).

        Santa Fe
        Private Prison Inmates Aid in Fire Relief
        SANTA FE, N.M.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 12, 2000--Inmates
        from the Santa Fe County Adult Detention Facility came
        to the aid of Los Alamos fire victims Friday,
        unloading more than 35,000 bottles of water for evacuees
        seeking shelter in nearby Pojoaque.
        Responding to
        calls for assistance by the American Red Cross, Cornell
        Companies, Inc., which operates the private correctional
        facility, began organizing the effort by renting a tractor
        trailer rig to distribute the water, recruiting one of
        its vendors, enlisting inmate volunteers and
        gathering supplies for the victims fleeing the fire-ravaged
        ``This is a tragic situation, and we're happy
        to do what we can to help our community,'' said
        Lawrence Barreras, the detention facility's senior warden.
        ``We have the manpower and Cornell is always ready to
        serve the community where we can.''
        Accompanied by
        10 guards, about 20 minimum-security trustee inmates
        unloaded the bottled water Friday afternoon at a shelter
        set up in nearby Pojoaque. Some of the water was
        distributed to Los Alamos residents who had been evacuated to
        the shelter, and the rest stored at a nearby high
        school for use later.
        ``These people were sure glad
        to see us. It looks like they really needed help,''
        said one of the inmates, as he passed the box of water
        to a Red Cross volunteer.
        ``Cornell consistently
        looks for opportunities to positively impact our
        communities,'' said Steve Logan, Cornell president and CEO.

        Providing the donated water was a joint effort of
        Houston-based Cornell, which operates adult correctional and
        juvenile facilities in Santa Fe, and Canteen Correctional
        Services, Inc., a food-service supplier to the corrections
        ``We are working as a partner with Cornell to
        help relieve this desperate situation,'' said Bill
        Davis, district manager of Canteen, based in Wayside,
        Mass. ``We are doing what we can to help.''
        Companies, Inc. (NYSE:CRN - news) is the third largest
        provider of private correctional, treatment and education
        services in the United States, with 72 facilities housing
        more than 14,845 offenders in 13 states and the
        District of Columbia. The company designs, builds, owns
        and operates correctional facilities and programs for
        adults and juveniles, and provides services for
        offenders on probation or parole.

    • I'm glad to see SOMEONE has an opinion. Much of
      PZN's trouble stems from ego and slick dealing, to put
      it as nicely as possible.
      The fact that moneys
      and options were TAKEN while the co. nosedives and
      stockholders lose their shirts is shameless,depolorable,
      reprehensible and despicable. I for one am sorry I believed in
      this corp.

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