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  • pwrayoh pwrayoh May 15, 2000 5:39 PM Flag

    you're killing me

    Not one response to my posting responded to any
    of the points I raised. I guess when a person can't
    dispute the message, they attack the messenger. What a
    high-brow group.

    For the record, I have been a vocal
    and public opponent of private prisons in Ohio. I
    work with real corrections officers, not the poor
    schmucks CCA, Cornell, Wack, CiviGenics etc., sucker in
    for a few months at a time.

    I don't check out
    this forum very often. When I did yesterday, it was
    only to see what kind of chatter was occuring in
    response to the continuing drop in the stock prices.
    Instead of finding an angry mob, I found a surprisingly
    large number of you continuing to play of game of
    liars' poker with each other. This was the same
    situation when I checked on this forum 3 and 6 months

    Unless some of you are closet MBAs, you are way out of
    your league in being able to sort out the murky future
    of CCA/PZN/PL.

    When not one professional
    analyst is suggesting that PZN is a good buy, even at the
    historical lows, you better cut your losses.

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    • You keep ignoring my point.

      I have NO
      view of the relative performance of private and public
      prison management.

      I am only pointing out that
      it is meaningless to evaluate the performance of one
      operator without any standard of comparison. You and
      others have asserted that the performance record of CCA
      is relevant to this board, even without any
      knowledge of any kind regarding the performance of other
      operators. That is logically absurd. No performance can be
      analyzed without some standard of comparison.

      only know that 4 minutes is a fast human time for
      running a mile because few humans can do that. It is not
      a fast time for a horse, because almost any
      healthy, adult horse can run a mile in less than 4

    • I had a rather lengthy post composed but in
      essence, CCA/PZN, through mismanagement at both the
      corporate and facility level, has suffered,

      You're obviously a social scientist so please, explain
      to this board your unbiased and analytical view of
      the industry. Will any study conducted in the future
      be unbiased?

      And never you mind Avery, he or
      she doesn't speak the language.

    • If comparisons are so difficult, or even
      impossible, then why post info on private prison screw-ups?
      They relate to nothing by your analysis. You can not
      criticize CCA for screw-ups if you believe that there is no
      evidence anyone else could do better.

      You are
      trapped by your own lack of logic.

    • that was the funniest post i've seen in quite a while on this board - thanks

    • I don't have a single share of stock in Corcoran.
      Their management is terrible and you can't get good
      information out of their IR dept. And, come to think of it,
      they haven't paid a dividend lately.

    • No, its not simple. Event ABT proved the analysis
      was not simple and supposedly, their think tank is
      one of the best. Never, will anyone be able to
      compare to the penny that one is more efficient than the
      other. Nor, will anyone convincingly prove that one, in
      terms of quality of service is better than the other.
      Afterall, what do we want from prisons, public or private?
      There is no consensus on that.

      I'm not 411, so I
      suggest you do a little research on those cost
      comparisons. The data is available. The hypothetical studies
      you can trash. Studies done by a so-called
      ex-professor you can trash. What comparitive studies are
      available support both sectors but do we suggest that if
      privatization saves a penny, it's more efficient.

      policy is never focused on financial concerns. That's
      not what public policy is. We leave implementation of
      that policy to our politicians who seldom give a hoot
      what you and I think.

    • prisonet any mind. He posts negative posts on all the private prison boards. Do you suppose he has an agenda?


    • I do not mean to suggest that the analysis is
      simple, nor do I claim to have evidence showing that
      private prisons are superior to public prisons.

      point is simple. It is insufficient to look only at
      private prisons. We must also look at public prisons.
      Assertions that the performance of public prisons is
      irrelevant to the evaluation of private prisons are simply
      not true.

      If, in your opinion, comparisons to
      date do "don't favor private prisons", then you should
      present the comparative evidence to support that

      I have never mentioned union influence.

      I do
      not believe that public policy is excessively focused
      on financial concerns. Cost is an important
      consideration, as is quality of service. Neither should be
      evaluated in isolation.

    • How do you measure that? Would it be fair to say
      the verdict is still out on private prisons? When do
      we conduct that longitundinal study? I would say so
      far (IMHO), deliberations don't favor private
      prisons. Then in an effort to deflect responsibility, it's
      is somehow union influence that makes it so. Hard
      one to figure. Management in any sector is usually
      not proactive, anyway.

      We all know what
      influences public policy, don't we?$$

    • While it is probably true that public prison
      screw-ups do not have an immediate impact on private prison
      stocks, there certainly has to be some long-term

      Just as it is impossible to imagine that states would
      contract with private prisons to save money, regardless of
      the quality of service delivered, it is also
      impossible to imagine that the quality of service can be
      evaluated in a vacuum. Everything is relative.

      evaluating the quality of service provided by CCA, we should
      compare the results to other private operators and to
      public operators. Further, we should try to compare
      comparable prison inmate populations (murderers and rapists
      can be expected to pose greater problems than bicycle

      I am not trying to ascribe bias to anyone's
      reporting on this board. I just believe that it is clearly
      relevant to compare CCA performance to that of both other
      private operators, as well as public operators, from a
      long-term point of view. For myself, daily stock movement
      is almost a distraction. The long-term is what
      really counts anyway.

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