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  • overdawall overdawall Jul 17, 2000 2:42 PM Flag

    anybody no dis guy?

    PZN Insider Transactions: JOSEPH VANCE RUSSELL
    PZN 'DIR' 75,000 Bought 6/1/00 $2.47 declaration filed 7/14/00
    PZN 'DIR' 75,000 Sold 7/3/00 $2.96 declaration filed 7/14/00

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    • JV reminds me of Hill-Rod's singular excursion
      into cattle futures: with that purchase date, the
      settle date would have been one week to the day before
      the public announcement of the BOP contract awards
      that started the 'support' level at $3.00, which
      continued until the day after his sale, when
      (coincidentally, I'm sure) Doc announced his 'departure', turning
      the 'support' at $3.00 into the 'resistance' it now
      $35249 in 32 days ~= $1100 per day. Not too
      shabby, for coincidental timing. 19.8% S.T.R., or 225% at
      an annualized rate.
      Who says you can't make money
      on PZN?

      Take Mumbled Advice Confidentially,
      Keep Ears Rotated

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