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  • aw0099 aw0099 Dec 5, 2000 7:28 PM Flag

    Compare Privitazation to Public Sector

    Private Prizons are not going to replace any jobs
    in the public arena. They have just forced the
    public to look how we as taxpayers spend our dollars.
    They are just one part of the puzzle. As far as Cxw,s
    safety record, you can put them up against any public
    agency state or federal and they will meet or exceed the
    benchmark set forth by their partners in corrections. This
    would be escapes, assaults, riots, etc. They just get
    reported on the front page when it is private. They are
    here to stay they are not a threat to anyone. Except
    maybe a few people that are not confident in what they
    are doing.

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    • You are correct on that point. Private does do it cheaper. As far as better they are in some areas, but they also lack in some areas. But competition is good for both sectors.

    • I agree with you about DC. The system is
      dysfunctional, which is why it is being federalized. However,
      the privates say they can do it cheaper and better so
      you can't compare them to the worst case scenario, to
      justify their existence. For many years, they operated in
      virtual obscurity because of little or no oversight at
      any level.

    • not only youngstown and sante fe have problems
      with these d.c. Inmates so does d.c. When the public
      sector has problems we have the backing to deal with
      them as needed. The private has their hands tied and
      when they do get them back in line the news media
      calls it abuse. If d.c was so successful with their
      inmates they would not send them out of state. Cca and
      wackenhut house high security inmates with life sentences
      in louisiana. This has been going on for ten years.
      The state backs them you have no problems their. The
      problem is when a state gives a contract without any

    • The facilities where private vendors house higher
      security inmates - like Youngstown and New Mexico - are
      where they have had the majority of their problems. We
      haven't heard much from Youngstown because: "Mayor George
      McKelvey said the company told him this week that it is
      losing millions of dollars a year in Youngstown because
      the prison is housing less than 1,000 prisoners, well
      below its capacity of 2,000." - Source AP

    • O My God now you want to compare all the escapes
      that CCA has had to the public sector say since CCA
      began back in the mid seventies. Like I said there will
      be escapes as long as the urge to run overides the
      fear of being caught or shot exist. But 17 facilities
      out of 79 is not bad considering the amount of
      inmates processed in and out over the last 25 years. Also
      consider that a large amount of these were trustees and
      mininmum security inmates that are allowed to work out in
      the public without much supervision. True CCA has had
      escapes and one escape is to many in anybodys mind.
      People are going to get organized and informed and stop
      believing every
      report or news wire just because it
      sounds good. The private industry has been good for
      corrections. Every one of CCA's facilities are ACA accredited
      or up for accredidation. You do nor recieve the
      award without running a safe secure prison. Now
      numerous states are pursuing this avenue. CCA lead the
      industry in this. Including California. I will close with
      this CCA is here to stay, they will correct their
      problems, and they will continue to grow and return to the
      position they once held. CCA is just a small part of the
      Corrections Industry. Not a threat to anyone. The previous
      management team made some big mistakes. Give this group at
      least a small chance to correct them. We will all be
      better off. I urge you to visit some of these
      institutions you mentioned for yourself. Then visit a State
      run prison in the same area. They look alike, they
      smell alike, they operate under the same mandates.The
      only thing we can do to answer your question is get
      educated about what we write about. Enjoyed the CHAT

    • Hey, Company Man:

      Do you really believe
      what you said about CCA having 79 facilities that have
      not had any escapes?

      Here's a short list I dug
      up of CCA facilities that have had

      Silverdale TN, Shelby TN, Liberty, TX, Central Arizona,
      Columbia, SC, N. Harris TX, Youngstown OH, David Moss, OK,
      Tulsa OK, Barlett TX, Pamlico SC, Metro TN, Hardeman
      TN, Bent CO, W Tennesse, CTF DC, Houston INS TX,
      South Central TN.

      This is not to say that public
      prisons do not have escapes. The problem we run into is
      that when a public prison has an escape, the stock
      price remains unaffected. However, public and investor
      confidence in private prisons is reduced when we have an

      Yes, it is unfair that we are held to a
      different standard, but that appears to be the case and I
      don't know what we can do about it.

    • How can it be legal for public union's like the
      guard's union to act in direct contrast to the good will
      of the general public it serve's by lobbying to stop
      added beds? Another great example of the needs of the
      few overriding the needs of the many, many.

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