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  • macauley_2001 macauley_2001 Dec 15, 2000 12:13 PM Flag

    You say wait?

    What basis do you assume that cxw will go near 10 cents a share ? I am considering buying a load of this stock! Now you say I should wait?
    Input anybody?

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    • Most people on this board only wish they had
      waited to buy this stock. Every time it appears it is a
      steal, it drops even lower.

      Even if it goes to
      $0.01 I wouldn't buy anymore of this stk unless it
      definitly started to show positive cash flow and

      If you want a steal and a lot less risk, buy CMM. It
      does have positive cash flow and is currenlty
      suffering delution problems as it emerges from

      Yesterday I labored over the decision to convert my pref or
      hold. Common sense took over and I sold the pref. Pref.
      sold for a $1 less today. Every time I have sold CXW I
      have looked twice as smart as everytime I bought CXW.

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      • stock and that will stop the selling. Fighting
        the tidal wave of shares just doesn't make sense to
        me. The lawsuit settles up in a month and represents
        wave 3 of shares. For me it's clear, if you want to
        buy this story, it's the pref A or debt. Stockmavin4
        I added back my A shares. ;-)

        I've had a
        quick chat with John Ferguson, he's humble, sincere and
        as realistic as anyone can be. Hence my bet is with
        him and why I added the A shares back.

    • It might go a little lower but it has gone about
      as low as it can go. I have alot of friends that
      work for cxw and I here the new management has made
      alot of positive changes quick. They have let go alot
      of people inside the institutions that will not
      change , and for the first time in the history of the
      company a budget is just that. Mr Ferguson brings a good
      business mind to the company. They are loaded with good
      Wardens from all diffrent areas and backgrounds. Thery
      are on their way back. It is a scary thought where
      they would be if they had done this 5 years ago. I foe
      one have been loading up since it went below a 50
      cent piece.

    • I got 2 screen warning flashes today:

      My target of 25c in December hit! today. Just in the
      middle of the month.

      2. A rev-split is on. I will
      soon be officially shorting as my 10c forecast for
      2001 will probably realize after the rev-split is

      As far as your asking on buying this co, read many
      past messages on the boards. Then reconciliate the
      date of predictions with the events that happened,
      finally make your judgement.

      Compare the move of
      CXW execs to chess players who have guided choices to
      make to avoid a checkmate. None of the alternatives
      being presented to investors are satisfactory, and to
      date all the forced move made will lead to a further
      downspiral as we seeing so obviously.

      Some on this
      board have refused to recognize that fact and probably
      never will and have been flaming thoses who warned.
      Their loss.

    • There was no fee for conversion so I went ahead and did it. At least now when I sell there will only be a single transaction fee.

      Such are the small joys of life,

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