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  • aw0099 aw0099 Dec 16, 2000 12:54 PM Flag

    You say wait?

    I agree with you about Mr Ferguson. Look at what
    they have in place now compared to what they had with
    Doc and the old board.

    Mr. Andrews is a solid
    Leader who wants all in the company to better themselves
    not just a select few.

    Mr. Ferguson has a
    strong background to lengthy to list on here. But has
    the business mind, proven track record, and a common
    sense approach that used to be the backbone of this
    company. He will lead them along with Mr. Lingo who is the
    Chief bean counter out of this mess. It will take at
    least 18 - 24 months. The banks want their money and
    will let them continue to pull out of this. And if you
    will look at what they are doing with the non
    performing facilities and employees you will like what you
    are seeing. They are filling the empty beds that has
    drained them since merging with Docs son and PZN.
    Georgia, Cal City, and Cibola have all been Killing the
    Bottom line just to mention a few. All of the above
    mentioned are in the process of being filled or contracts
    written to do so. Your talking about millions of dollars
    just on these three.
    Mr. Quilan brings vast exp.
    to the table with his background in corrections. (
    To long to list)

    Jimmy Turner who is the new
    V.P. of operations has brought stability back to the
    institutions with a proven track record as a Deputy Warden,
    Warden, Regional Director, and now VP of operations. If
    you will research it he is the one that went in after
    the blowups in Peurto-Rico, and Youngstown and put
    them back to bed and cleaned up the mess. He has put
    in regional directors that will follow his lead and
    from what I understand has the support from the top to
    make the right moves out in the field. The Wardens
    that are friends of mine with that company tell me
    that he has loyal support from the majority of the
    It is also amazing the amount of money they have cut
    out of the budget due to holding the Wardens
    accountable for the money they spend. Up untill this
    administration Wardens spent money like crazy over there. The
    message I am getting is that security comes first and
    foremost with him. I like what I see and here with this

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