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  • axel_hose axel_hose Dec 19, 2000 4:58 PM Flag

    conversion ends tomorrow

    That should bring CXW up to about 250M shares.
    The litigation settlement will add another 50M soon.
    This sucker should bottom out at about 20 cents once
    those are sold.

    In other news, the Prf_A is now
    3 qtrs delinquent($1.50 per share)..3 qtrs to go
    until Pref_A owners get to add three members to the
    BOD. But CXW is already "commited" to raising some
    capital before then. It's gonna be a close shave if they
    make it.

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    • General:
      Wouldn't try.

    • {/ would we explain the meaning of all
      those "unfamiliar" names, places, and events to the

      with enormous patience, General, as

      Teach Maturity And Courtesy Kindly: Expect Respect

    • Consider it a "done deal," genepond.

      (But how would we explain the meaning of all those "unfamiliar" names, places, and events to the younger generations lurking here?)

    • General Jackripper, greeting and
      yes its posible we are contemporaries,since
      mention pushing our rolling walkers to-
      like fun.
      "Like the walrus and the carpenter" we
      could talk of many things.

      "after all if you
      are in my"

      " (old buck stage of life)"
      would have plenty to talk about.
      Having made my
      debut in this world Feb.6,1920,
      on a very cold
      morning in Iowa.

      A "stranger to fortune and to
      fame unknown"
      Again THANK YOU for your comments
      on both the stocks and friendship,and life in
      Yes,I would like to be
      your friend. gene


    • Old buck, you say? Sounds like you could be a
      contemporary of the General.

      Spirit willing, flesh
      weak. Learning new tricks is one thing. Remembering
      what you've just learned 5 seconds later is the
      General's "challenge."

      To paraphrase Bogie's closer
      in "Casablanca," as, side-by-side, we both push our
      rolling walkers through the puddles toward the fog
      shrouded tarmac lights:

      "genepond, this could be
      the start of a beautiful friendship."

    • Thank you for the informative posts,please keep
      them coming,as a new player in this market
      feet are soaking wet already.
      As an old buck it is
      hard for me to learn new
      tricks,but the Spirit is
      willing even though
      the flesh is weak.
      THANKS gene

    • Thanks for the info General,

      It looks like they have a very good drug, I see Terry is on the board and I really respect his opinion on drugs.

    • It's Antigenics, Inc. (NasdaqNM: AGEN). Its IPO
      came almost 11 months ago @ 18.000 and it opened for
      trading on 2/08/00 @ 52.625.

      It closed, yesterday
      @ 10.750, 6 bits above its current 52-week low of
      10.000. Its current 52-week high is 71.500.

      doing your DD process, trader0670, you've only nine
      hundred plus messages to read through. The article linked
      in #879 may be particularly worth your attention.
      The caliber of more recent postings on that thread
      (sans spammers, of course) is decidedly superior to the
      way that board began during its first few

      Have fun.

    • "Within the past month, the General added another
      company to his monitor list that's in the same industry
      as "B" is."

      Would you tell me what that
      company is? Biom is my only other holding in that


    • Looks like Y!-F's servers are still intent upon
      editing out (bracketed) citations (in this case, from
      your posting #16356, which the General was responding

      He expects that you can figure out, aw0099, what the
      General intended.

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