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  • Pmaebh Pmaebh Jan 9, 2001 10:21 AM Flag

    making me teary-eyed

    ok guys! I'm a baby boomer but my parents were
    born in 1896 (dad) and 1905 (mother) so sing me a WW1
    song or take me to Tripoli and I'll understand every

    Now you have me teary eyed for my

    Both of you are TOO COOL! : )
    P.S. Could either of
    you pass along any information or "gut feelings"
    about futures (not yours), I mean commodities, to a
    novice who's trying desparately to learn. Thanks

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    • There's a tear in your eye and I'm wondering,

      For it never should be there at all.

      With your
      manner and your style, sure a stone you'd

      So there's never a tear drop should

      Chauncey Olcott (1858-1932) and Ernest Ball (1878-1927)
      were two of the 3 men responsible for composing the
      well known song, the opening lines of the intro to
      which the General has written above.

      If you are
      the "baby boomer" you profess to being, Pmaebh, you
      should certainly know the song it introduces. Probably
      most of the lurkers reading this message have sung it
      (and will likely be singing it again in a little more
      than a couple of months from now).


      You asked us to serenade you, Pmaebh, with some WWI
      hits. The General has a repetoire of WWI era "TJs" &
      "GBs" (Tear Jerker ballads and spirited Gut Busters),
      but you never named any of your favorites. Don't know
      if genepond would remenber their lyrics, but in case
      he doesn't, he can always provide background
      accompaniment by humming in Italian.

      The General can't
      speak for genepond, since he hasn't yet found out
      whether he's a bass, baritone, or (a rarer find) a tenor.
      But in his yute (as Joe Pesci employed the noun in
      his role of defense attorney in 1992's release, "My
      Cousin Vinny"), the General was a lead.

      Age has
      lowered the General's vocal range closer to that of Thurl
      Ravenscroft. You might not recognize his name but Thurl
      organized The Sportsmen Quartet, a familiar part of Jack
      Benny's radio program, which you might recall. Almost
      anyone who's ever heard Tony the Tiger on a Kellogg's
      Frosted Flakes commercial has been hearing Thurl

      As Mr. Ravenscroft once told the

      "Never, in the course of human history, has one man made
      so much from one word."

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      • General:
        Now there's a tear in my eye.! I
        wouldn't reply
        because,no one would understand,but
        would think
        me crazy,or believe what I said or even
        That is why I passed the question.
        I am glad I did
        because,what a beatiful reply,
        you made.I was told I was a
        whiskey tenor,and
        they couldn,t shut me up,but oh how
        they tried.
        Don,t remember the lyrics,but what a
        TJ,at least to me. DO you remember, Oh she aint got
        barrel of money kind of ragged and funny.etc.
        quit getting sentimental.
        Really enjoyed the

      • What a treat to see you back in action!

        Flipper's been holding down the fort for the old Brigade.

        FWIW, Mr. Ravenscroft also sang the Grinch song in the cartoon.

    • Read "The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever
      Need," by Tobias. He has a chapter on commodities. At
      the end of the previous chapter, he says not to read
      the chapter on commodities. Instead, just NEVER to
      even THINK about investing in commodities.

      the chapter, he explains why. You can lose not only
      what you have invested, but you can lose everything
      you own. The risk is monumental.

      If you want
      gambling action, think about stock options. You will lose
      your invested money, but that is all you will

      Or, go to Las Vegas. You can get freebies, as you
      lose your shirt.

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