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  • aw0099 aw0099 Mar 19, 2001 8:59 PM Flag

    ACA Accreditation...a joke...

    It is such a big joke that 17 states are currently in the process of having their entire department of corrections accredited by ACA. Big joke! Lousiana has been accredited, under Mr. Stalder. Since that time their lawsuits by inmates have dropped 42%. The quality of live for inmate residents has improved. This in turn saves the taxpayers millions in Lawsuits. Big Joke! Some might say OSHA is a big joke as well. They has saved thousands of lives. ACA is like any other governing body, you get out what you put in.
    I am sure you would like to return to the days where a inmate is locked down 23 hrs a day. Served cold meals, and if they complain beat the tar out of them. A clean facility is a must, if they live in dirt without any stucture then what kind of inmate are we returning to the general public. It is a fact that 94% of inmates in general population will return to the streets. They need to be a better product than they were when we assumed custody of them. ACA is just a small tool in the process. If all you see is a waxed floor and fresh coat of paint then thats all you will get out of the process if you are that shallow.

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    • Take it easy dude. These warm and fuzzy feelings of accreditation soon go away and reality sets in after they go away. Stadler is/was president of ACA. Seems a little self-serving don't you think. Why do you need outsiders to tell you what you should do? You don't need ACA to tell you how to keep a clean facility. Why pay the tens of thousands of dollars to learn from x-directors and x-wardens who couldn't chew gum and walk at the same time?

      ACA offers nothing. I know you disagree but ACA is no yardstick. Lawsuits have dropped because of PLRA, not because of the efforts of ACA.

      As far as returning to the past, yes I would like for inmates in solitary confinement(not seg)to get the 3 vegatables a day they used to get. I doubt you'll find many on this board that disagree with that.

      You're very liberal in your views of how inmates should be treated. It's almost as if you think they're customers. But of course you do, you make money off them. They rent your beds.

      I believe and have practiced all my professional career to be 'firm but fair' with inmates. Prison should be reality therapy. I've learned from the best and the best was W.J. Estelle. If an inmate wants to change then that change comes from the heart. I am sorry you were supervised by some who thought beating inmates was the only way to get their attention. I hope you were never guilty of that yourself. You seem to be above that.

      Perhaps you also think OSHA could be privatized?

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      • I simply use ACA as one of many tools to operate a facility that is as safe as possible for the staff and inmates. That is it in a nutshell nothing more nothing less. Stalder had to convince the Governor and the Legislature to spend the money to bring the department up to these standards. Call it whatever you want it was a much needed face lift for Louisiana. Not all ex wardens and ex directors are useless. Yes I do disagree, I believe ACA is a very useful yardstick to measure performance in many areas. That is if you use it daily. I find it odd that you would say treating inmates fairly is a liberal view.
        The courts, lawyers, and numerous civil liberties groups have created the system of today. I just do the best with what I have. I demand performance from my staff and inmate population every day. Liberal, I have to disagree with you on that. You have to remember not to let your own agenda get in the way of law. Yes it sounds good not to feed the isolation inmates they same as population, or return to the days of the food loaf. Just one problem it is against the law. It sounds wonderul to lock a inmate up for 23 hrs & 45 min. a day. Except for the worst of the inmate population it too is against the law. You talk about saving money, no visitation, no programs and no outside rec. yards. That would be a big savings. Just one problem it is against the Law. I have never beat inmates, if they refuse to obey rules and regulations and become aggresive, then we use the force necessary to contain the situation on camera of course. I did not write the rules I just follow them. I am sure Mr. Estelle was a wonderful warden, but he too would have to change with the way corrections is headed. You too must agree with that. Osha is just fine like it is. Thanks for your comments.

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