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  • GenJackripper GenJackripper Jun 2, 2001 10:32 AM Flag

    Filling in price "gaps."

    The General directs the (interested) reader's attention to CXW's big 3-month chart here on Y!-F and then to access its historical archive of data below the Detail Quote portion.

    For one thing, CXW's recent run-up is looking a mite "orgasmic" to the General.

    Yesterday's (6/01/01's) price action left a gap-up between 12.95 [5/31/01's intra-day high (i-d h) and close] and 14.00 [6/01/01's intra-day low (i-d l)].

    Proceeding on to the archive, if the reader will << return with us now to those thrilling day's of yesteryear >> [the General's borrowed that phrase from the intro to The Lone Ranger radio (and, later, televsion) show], you will note that there was a gap-down (neglecting for the dividend payout) from 9/22/00's i-d l of 16.25 to 9/25/00's i-d h of 13.75 (prices are 1:10 r-s "adjusted").

    CXW began the work of closing that last September's gap-down, yesterday, except that it's still left a small unfilled price discontinuity (gap) on its hell-bent way higher, between 13.75 and 14.00.

    The market tends to abhor "gaps" kind'a like nature abhors a vaccuum. Predicated on that principle, the General is inclined to expect that, eventually, the market, like 'Arnold', "will be back" to take care of its unfinished business.

    FWIW, the General's T/A, the Oracle at Delphi, called him yesterday to tell the General that CXW's support is @ ~ $9 and it should encounter resistance @ ~ $16.

    Resistance @ ~ $16, according to the Oracle. Interesting. We've got a "gap-down" that closes @ 16.25 and a 'settlement proviso' that requires getting to at least 16.50 (for 15 consecutive days, inorder to save shelling out $29 million). Interesting.

    Will the gaps (13.75 to 14.00 and the presently remaining 14.98 to 16.25) be filled? And, if they will, will it be before or after the settlement proviso has been met?

    Support's @ ~ $9, remember.

    How will the possible scenarios play out, in the near-term?

    Stay tuned.

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    • Yahoo gave no indication that zapping #17815 had gone through. Sorry about that.

    • impressed with the "content" of your response, but he's not going to tell you why until we hear from some more entries.

      The General doesn't want to influence others' thinking/guessing.

      Aw-w, c'mon, princess, give it your best shot.

    • impressed with the "content" of your response, but he's not going to tell you why until we hear from some more guessers/players.

      The General doesn't want to influence others' thinking/guessing.

      Aw-w, c'mon, princess, give it your best shot.

    • regarding your suggestion that there be a "retaliatory strike" against Hallmark, there are not many more ineffectual efforts that the General can think of, even if he was as upset about it as it's apparently made you (which he's not).

      If you are acquainted with the history of Hallmark (which I suspect you're not), you would realize that the General's "phone call" treatment by them is so infinitely miniscule when compared to their real "sins."

      The General was not aware of those "sins" at the time of the call so he wasn't that upset about it, since he did get his answers.

      In retrospect, considering those "sins," the "attitude" exhibited in Hallmark's response to my question was entirely in character for that company. When viewed in that light, the General finds Hallmark's paranoid behavior good for a laugh.

      When it comes to protecting their markets and monopolistic practices, they make MSFT look like neophytes.

      "When you care enough to send the very best." :-)

    • "Orgasmic!!!" Something my portfolio has not experienced. General, let me buy you a beer. Your insightful use of the English language often just cracks me up. How does one say organmic in Yiddish? Here in Atlanta, one just screams, "The South Will Rise Again!" Never thought this stock would be rising. Anyway, hope you/and the rest of us still hanging in continue to fell the buzz. Go2

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      • The General appreciates the compliment, but when it comes to the << insightful use of the Englih language >> on this mb, the General casts his vote for the Brigade's mascot, Taz.

        Just thinking about the residual effect of all those electro-shock treatments Taz required because of what's happened to this stock, brings tears to the ol' Ripper's eyes.

        The General wonders whether there's a price point that could miraculously return the old nicster to being a functioning member of society, or is the damage irreversible.

        So sad, so sad.

        And speaking of fortune cookies (as the General did in a passing remark in #17805), he recently found a fortune that he's intending to insert in a Father's Day card to his eldest "issue."

        The General does not wish to 'air' his laundry in public, but he suspects that he's not the only parent here whose "issue" can't fathom the parent's reasoning and thought processes.

        "So your dad's a bit 'eccentric'," the General tells 'em. "Get OVER IT!!"

        Anyway, the fortune reads:


        They know it.
        The General knows it.
        And now, even the Peking Noodle Co. knows it.

    • In Japanense Candlestick charting, after a major movement in stock price up, an opening gap up in price from the stock's previous close in price, a stock moves sharply upward inprice and then the price moves down, the stock closes in price basicly unchanged from the opening price. ..this writer has closed out his position in both CXW and the Pfd. A.

    • General Jack please accept my admiration for you and your posts, always get my attention.Reminds me of one of my favorite preachers, who used to say "you must put the cookies down where the children can reach them". Thanks for doing so, even then old gene has to ponder what the bottom line is.Am almost afraid to look for fear the stock will go down again.However it beats the crap table, so let the game go on.Though gene is now an old man, this game is new to me so please bear with me. gene pond appreciates all posts with pertinet information about these stocks,from all posters.

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      • The General (who could never be confused with the Pillsbury Doughboy) is most appreciative of the generosity of your sentiments.

        In your posting you made a couple of references to "age."

        << even then old gene has to ponder ....>>


        << Though gene is now an old man, this game is new to me so please bear with me. >>

        The General regards the stock market as a place where, if one so chooses, they may sell a stock short.

        A stock's message board, however, is not a place for selling oneself short, genepond. And "age" is no prerequisite for that kind of thinking. On the contrary, while there may be some truth to the expression that "Youth is wasted on the young.", chronological "mileage" can have a few things going for its owner as well.

        The General's library contains a few "thin" volumes of extracts from the codified oral law known as the Talmud. These "snippets" cover a wide range of subjects encompassing much of the aspects of life.

        The General enjoys reviewing what they have to say, every now and then. Some of them are brief enough to fit on a fortune cookie's "fortune."

        The General's chosen a few for you to think about, genepond, as they might apply to the subjects of "age" and "learning."


        Do not look at the vessel, rather at what it contains.

        Learning from children is like eating unripe grapes and drinking wine from the press. Learning from older people is like eating ripened grapes and drinking aged wine.

        We cannot compare the student who has gone over the lessons 100 times with the student who has done so 101 times.

        Be careful to respect an elderly person who has forgotten their knowledge through circumstances beyond their control.


        genepond, the General, as well as the other good people contributing to this forum, have all the forbearance that you may require of us.

      • I always felt CXW was like dating the girl with the best Ta-Ta's in town and not getting a chance to get at them. It looks like the General has figured the key to the first few buttons.

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