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  • oystergrouch oystergrouch Jun 21, 2001 4:27 PM Flag

    why going up

    I've been trying to figure out why CXW has done so well post reverse split. Not that much has changed since April 1. My guess is that it is coming up on the screens of institutions and they are seeing an improving company. Ya reckon??

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    • aw0099 said:

      I hope we get a chance to win back over some folks like Richard Douglas and others who have left under the old regime

      I say:

      Not likely. I doubt the corporation would reach out. If they did, I'd listen. But I also don't think they could afford me. Still, I'd listen.

    • From what I hear you will like what you see.

    • There are more than I realized. This new group in Nashville has rallied the troops. We have a ways to go but there is no doubt we are on the right track. I hope we get a chance to win back over some folks like Richard Douglas and others who have left under the old regime. This bunch knows that employees come first, without them they have nothing.

    • Nic:
      Although rather crudely detailed, I think you have a very good overview of "the happening"!
      Hopefully, some of we long termers can recoup some of our early contributions.
      Chips off the old block are not always an improvement on the original.

    • shoulda read the previous before hitting the "post" icon...."PAN" is, of course, "PZN"
      but more importantly, the nicster way overused the potty term (which indicates that there's still a tiny bit of rage, where the old docster's concerned---but bad judgment in wording his anger) and apologizes for it....

    • I've been wondering the same thing and said so in post #17902. I'm happy about it, and hope the trend continues, but even if institutions are now taking a look at it, the fundamentals of the company have not changed since the reverse split. They still have to pay off a $300 million loan on January 1, 2002. They still need to deal with underperforming assets - either fill them or sell them. They are not paying out dividends, and they are not making a profit. While I'm sure they're working on all these things at this very moment, until we see some progress, I remain supportive, but skeptical.

      Who was it that said of second marriages "the place where hope triumphs over experience"? I think that describes CCA longs!

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