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  • oystergrouch oystergrouch Jul 13, 2001 11:20 AM Flag


    I would appreciate it if you would read my Post # 18193 and give me your opinions about profit sharing and about the use of dogs. I'm sure the staff discusses these items.

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    • No Sir, no ouija board. In the last 5 months the company has made some giant steps. This group in Nashville are doing the right things. The company is farther along at this point than even me would have thought possible. I have and will continue to put my money where my mouth is. Like I said General you do not miss a trick. That keeps us honest, maybe a few posters should take heed. Have a good one

    • New Warden expected early new week for Otter Creek..Comming from the state of Texas..

    • I sure would like it if we did have dogs, but I'm not aware of any plans. We do bring in dogs on occassion for shake-downs. Most agencies that use dogs have one handler per dog so if we followed that pattern, it may actually increase payroll costs.

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      • Most Prisons do own or use the local county officials dogs. Due to the liability and legal issues you face when you use them on staff is where the problem lays. Airports have some of the finest dogs in the country and they only stop approx. 1/3 of the tons of drugs that pass through there corridors. Dogs are a useful tool but not a fool proof measure. There are three major ways that drugs enter a penal institution. Vistors through visitation, outside workers and trustees not properly shaken down, and staff members. It only takes one dirty staff member to flood your institution with contraband. One last point the cost factor is a small price to pay to run a good safe facility. It is very interesting that you would use the name ccastaff and post strong sell. It is also very interesting that you accidently posted under another name. So if it smells like a imposter, and it looks like a imposter, yep you are right you are a imposter but good try rat.

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