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  • adaadaadaada adaadaadaada Aug 24, 2001 1:44 PM Flag

    Preferred A

    It is worth noting that if the A dividend is not reinstated by Sept. 30, the A's will get two seats on the Board. Management is trying to avoid this consequence, and is negotiating with lenders to allow reinstatement prior to Sept. 30.

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    • Richard, you surprise me with your statement. If NEOCC could land a contract with females at least they would be housed in a very clean, very professional facility. We accomodate inmate moves for balance with men and I'm sure the staff would do the same for female inmates.

    • Thanks, rdld88. That certainly clears that up?

    • I did call NEOCC. First there are no urinals fir the inmates, just toilest. Second the rumor about females coming is not coming from the last few works there. They don't know anything.

    • Yeah, pads and meds. Oh, and cell moves to accomodate the ever-changing romantic scene.

    • Nevermind the toilet or shower configurations. The basic research question is have they ordered any "pads" lately. Any jailor knows that if you run out of "pads" in a female facility, you could have a riot.

    • your sense of humor doin' in the corrections business?

      That also explains why Johnstown isn't in NE Ohio.

    • NEOCC has individual commodes in each cell. Another question might be the shower facilities, which are semi-private. I'm not completely sure, but I believe the State of Ohio (Indian meaning "Beautiful River"), requires female officers to staff housing units. There is some goblidygook about a male announcing himself or whatever. I don't think there are any such restrictions on common area such as education or recreation.

      BTW, NEOCC is in Youngstown (Italian meaning "Walk the Streets After Dark and You Gonna Die")

      At one time NEOCC/CCA was interested in an Idaho contract which supposedly would have been co-ed. Don't know if this is the rumor referred to or not.

      Calling NEOCC is an option, but trust me when I tell you, they are the masters of the

      As for you General, get your mind out of the toilet and get it back here in the gutter with the rest of us.

    • you don't miss a thing. I have not heard anything about the females. This would be some good news.

    • You identify yourself as being in Ohio, perhaps you're even close to the NEOCC facility in Johnstown.

      The General, having thus far managed to avoid incarceration in a penal facility (it's only a matter of time), is unaquainted with its toilet facilities. Does each cell have its own commode or are there group toilets?

      If there are group toilets similar to public restrooms, wouldn't a prison intended for male prisoners have urinals as well as commodes? And wouldn't urinals be useless in a prison serving females?

      So, if females are to be housed in the NEOCC, wouldn't at least some of those urinals be replaced by commodes?, in which case it is likely that a plumbing permit would have to be obtained from the local building department (whether city or county) inorder to make changes.

      So, rdid88, if you're not that far away (like most of us) from the NEOCC facility, why don't you, tomorrow, pick up a phone and call the permiting department having jurisdiction over the NEOCC, and find out whether a plumbing permit has been taken out to effect some alterations?

      And, if so, how many 'equipment' changes will there be? This could provide an indication as to how many female inmates are being planned for.

      Or, of course, you could just call the NEOCC and ask them.

      This kind of 'tactical' thinking falls under the oxymoron known as "military intelligence."

      It is also consistent with the fact that the General has often been accused with having his (demented) mind 'in the toilet'.

    • That they may be doing, but I doubt it will be successful. The preferred A dividend is not so expensive that paying it would prevent the company from making its interest payment, yet the banks have not allowed it in over a year. As noted on the conference call, they're trying to get their credit line refinanced in advance of the big $300 million due 1/1/02 - it may not be worth it to fight over the PrfA dividend when there are bigger issues at stake.

      As for the board seats, read your proxy materials carefully - the process for getting PrfA shareholders on the board must be instigated by the shareholders, not by the company. You guys will have to get together on this. Of course, we know RAUGAR wants on - what an interesting voice THAT would be.

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      • i am sure that if given the payment in oct....seats will be added..but not so doing well flow strong....refinancing will be done at a savings of 20 to 40 million per year....i think that atleast 1 buck a share in earnings...stock 25 to 40 within 12 months...the momentum is strong.....this company looks like it did 5 years ago except the facilities are open vs years ago they were always awards to be built and opened in 1 to 2 they are all open sell losers etc...we use to have a market cap of 4.5 less than 500mil.....soon company will earn more than 1 per share.....heading towards my 25 to 40 short term target......time to continue buying and ride this one again

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