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  • meanscreen2000 meanscreen2000 May 23, 2008 10:45 AM Flag

    I bought more today

    Let's see how you rate a basher as a moron:

    Me, I post enormously useful factual information I receive, or research, so you can compare what is filed vs what is put in a press release.
    Amber and Boeing warned of what they felt were unethical procedures, one quite revealing, the dishing out of common shares, only to be reverse split, and re-dished out.
    They warned when the stock was 20 cents, while YOU and DRAGON, and XENA, said,"its a great buying opportunity", or "load up the truck".
    I'd call that pumping a stock, because they are no longer present to defend this pile of scrap that trades at barely 8 cents.
    But you revel in your "dividend" which seems to or appears to be a clever tactic, nothing more.