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  • astral_tsar astral_tsar Mar 7, 2005 9:28 AM Flag

    new value


    Yes it's so comforting to hear that there's no inflation. Unless you are belong to one of those odd households who spend money on energy, housing, health care, education, or investments.

    Still, the Fed has been tightening rates for the past year. The give-away to the carry traders has been cut back substantially. Long term rate increases seem delayed, perhaps due to denial from folks who refuse to shrink their lending volumes. It will catch up, perhaps in a shock of several points in a few months. That will collapse housing prices substantially, the contractors and insurance companies will start sueing each other, there will be a bumper crop of title insurance claims, all the fallout we had 14-15 years ago.
    ITIC doesn't do that much business in super-yuppie areas, but it will have a tough year or two. It's hard to imagine that the price won't fall if all that happens. But it's gotta happen within a year or two, or the price likely won't 'fall' below today's offer.

    Anyway best of luck.

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