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  • astral_tsar astral_tsar Jan 22, 2006 5:09 PM Flag


    Just went back for a second helping. I was informed "sure it's 100x _ttm_ earnings, but it's only 50x _forward_earnings_!" So I'm glad we got that straightened out.

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    • astral:

      You need to understand that, according to these guys, if a company is in the right "space" (business) and is growing fast enough, then the price is unimportant.

      This does not apply to ITIC because title insurance is not hi-tech and it won't grow 50% a year.

      My own opinion is that at least ITIC's earnings are real and they do their accounting right.

      Those details don't register with the "growth and momentum crowd".

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      • Yeah, ITIC is fine. I'm sort of tickled that it made new highs while the market trembled from "Livedoor shock." Don't get me wrong, of course ITIC's pps could get sucked down in a bear market. I just don't think that matters much.

        I'm familiar with the "right space" argument.
        I worked for a company in a "right space" for a few years and I'm retired now. AND I avoid that kind of crap like the plague. What puzzles me is that outsiders still think they're going to cash in. How is that supposed to work??

        From Google to the bankrupt microcrap at the other end of this godforsaken market, the bidders who have taken control are those who have never heard of risk, or think it doesn't apply to them. One kid on Google was telling me he is really good at "investing," he has been "investing" for a year now and he is up. My latest theory is that individual learning doesn't take place in the market at all. The people who aren't receptive to certain lessons just lose everything and stop participating.

        One can hope.

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