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  • astral_tsar astral_tsar Feb 7, 2006 4:39 PM Flag

    Money to loan

    Heh. The kids are yours no questions asked. The rest we can work out as we go.

    • astral:

      I hereby retract my suggestion that you make me an offer to borrow money to buy ITIC.

      There are several problems. I imagine that your children, like all those in Lake Woebegone, are above average. Nevertheless, I am concerned about their market value if you failed to make payment when due. I don't even know where you can get a quote on children. Is there an internet site ""?

      If so, I bet the spread between the bid and the asked is a killer.

      And besides using kids for collateral or selling them is probably not "politically correct. What would Ted Kennedy, Pat Leahy and Jesse Jackson say. I expect the media would have a field day.

    • tsar, there are plenty of kind people here who will lend you money asking few or no questions. The interest rate may be a bit high and the collateral a little unusual, though.

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