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  • pmlljl pmlljl Mar 29, 2006 5:02 PM Flag

    on the ask


    Your being a selfless altruist suggests that you probably qualify as a section 503(c) "organization" under the Internal Revenue Code and that you are, therefore, a charitable organization.

    This makes it sound like we have the makings of a potential wonderful scam.

    It would work like this. I would send you a very large check ($5,000 maybe). Since you qualify as a "charitable organization", I would be able to deduct my "contribution" on my income tax returns.

    However, you would treat my money as a contribution to the "pj hedge funds" which you use to dominate trading in ITIC. With my additional funds, you could ramp-up the volume of trades each day and drive up the price so much that Stewart would feel impelled to increase the price of their bear-hug hostile offer to $100 per share.

    If you concur with this plan, inform me which bridge overpass I should throw my check out of my car window at, the next time I am in Las Vegas.

    I will now turn my attention to writing up a brief resume to send to Forbes for inclusion in their next issue of the Forbes 400 richest people. My current net worth is about $15,000, so you can see that I am counting quite a lot on your investing skills and the magic of compounding.

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    • I don't know what you said since the fellow bridge-dweller who is literate, the one who reads message-board posts to me, is not here. Luckily, the typist is here to take this post via dictation. (I can't write, either.)

      Since I have memorized the locations of all the relevant buttons, though, you'll see some ITIC shares generously offered at $42.98 today--over a 50% discount from the regular price of $86!

      Don't throw a check, by the way. It would be very hard for me to cash, and I'd have to rely on the word of whoever cashed it to know the amount of the check since I can't read. Just throw hundred-dollar bills off the bridge on 95 eastbound between the Casino Center and LV Blvd. exits. They should flutter down to the park, and if you write "pj" on them nobody else will mistakenly take them.

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