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  • pmlljl pmlljl Jun 4, 2007 4:57 PM Flag

    Landamerica Financial Group

    pj and tsar:

    Friday Landamerica went up more than $10 per share when one of its shareowners recommended that the company be sold. I thought one of you guys might get an idea from that. I expect that if either of you put out out a press release calling for the sale of ITIC, that the stock would immediately jump $5.

    Then again, I expect that you two are lifers.

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    • pj:

      I have enjoyed your fashion show. You have quite a collection of sartorially resplendent costumes. I didn't realize you were so into the "fashion thing". You must have quite a closet under the bridge. Perhaps its your devotion to fashion and the expense of that, which keeps you from being able to afford a proper home.

      Nevertheless, it is important to keep up appearances. Do you perform as a runway model at fashion shows?

    • It's a thought. I may be a lifer now that the housing downturn is here. But nothing is forever ... if somebody gave me my $120 I would dab away the tears and hand over my share.

    • pj:

      You homeless people living under a bridge in Las Vegas dress better than the homeless people here in Orange County.

      I would expect that your dress for success efforts are a real boost to your self-esteem. If I remember correctly, your personal information said that you are 65. That is also my age. Anyway, your picture doesn't look like you are that age. I am wondering if you had some cosmetic surgery, and if you did, could you give me a referral?

    • pmlljl:

      You are correct about my holding period goal. After I pass on, what those who find the stock certificates blowing down Sahara Avenue do with them is anybody's guess.

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