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  • pj:

    I would love to help you out. If you can give me a clue about the size of your buy order. I need to sell short about 500,000 shares, so I would need to know that your buy offer is at least 100,000 shares to justify my time. I believe that in your lingo that equals about 10 comforters. Please let me know, because I need to offset all the money that I am making in BRKB. It has been awesome. I guess it has made me an involuntary momentum investor. That is what appeals to me about shorting ITIC. I believe that it was Isaac Newton that said that stock in motion tends to stay in motion.

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    • pmlljl,
      Not only is selling ITIC short a good idea based upon fundamentals, but having sold it short, you'll know that there is deep liquidity in the stock should you decide to cover to take your profit. My opinion is that you should enter a market order to sell short five hundred thousand shares of ITIC. You will probably get a fair price from the polar bear if he notices any unusual pattern in trading activity.

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