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  • pmlljl pmlljl Jan 13, 2008 6:08 PM Flag

    Market troubles


    Near year end 1974 was the ideal time to be buying stocks. I don't know if you were into the stock market at that time, but I was, and although I didn't have much money at the time the next few years were highly profitable. I am now able to decree that there will be a recession in 2008. I don't know how deep or how long it will be but I think you can definitely count on the first half of the year to be slow and slower. Accordingly, I am convinced that we will have real opportunities to buy good value stocks at really low prices later this year. I am trying to be patient even if I don't have the ability to hibernate.

    Come on 1974.

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    • pmlljl,
      The bear and I found our 1974 disco stock-trading outfits that brought us such investment success back in the days. Come on, 1974!

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      • pj:

        I checked the chronometer on my time machine today and determined that we are now back to about 2004. I then tried to increase the regression accelerometer so that we could get back to 1974 faster. It appears that the accelerometer is stuck and that I am unable to go backwards in time any faster than we are currently going. I have made some interpolations and my estimate is that at the current rate of regression, that we should arrive in 1974 in about six months.

        The good news is that you and your ursine friend will be able to get all of your disco polyester leisure suits out of storage and get them pressed and ready for dancing the night away. I saw your new picture and you two do make a fashion statement. You also will have time to polish your disco ball and get out your Donna Summer and BeeGees albums.

        Stayin alive, stayin alive. Indeed. Party on!

      • pj:

        Could you show us a picture of you and the bear in your 1974 disco outfits. I am guessing leisure suits, maybe lime green or lemon yellow.

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