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  • pmlljl pmlljl Aug 13, 2008 6:16 PM Flag

    ANAT news


    Did you see the news item on the Yahoo ANAT page about the legal decision?

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    • pj:

      I recommend that you find a polar bear secure location because I am fresh out of penguins and I am sure the bear doesn't want to hear that. He may decide that taking a few bites out of the nearest thing made of flesh is his best chance of survival.

    • pmlljl,
      Yesterday I bought ANAT at $82.10. Today I bought ANAT at $71.09. I have entered an order to buy at $60.08 tomorrow.

    • pmlljl,
      Tomorrow the bear bids $71.09 for ANAT. The bear is weaving a special ANAT-share blanket: on each panel (certificate) will be inscribed the price per share that was paid for the shares represented by that certificate. Once we sew in the panel that has "$0.01" written on it, we begin using the blanket to keep warm in the hard Las Vegas winter that approaches!

    • pj:

      With ANAT below $80 I feel like they are sending me a personal invitation to buy. However, due to a recent bad experience, I am going to send back my RSVP with regrets.

      Monday after the market closed, I noticed SCX closed down sharply, so I placed an order for Tuesday to buy at $15. When I checked the computer Tuesday morning my order had been filled at $15 and it was then trading around $12.35. I was a little shell shocked, but I hoped it would not go down any more. When I checked after the close, I discovered that it closed at $10. So, I placed an order to buy more today at $10. It opened on the third market with 100 shares at $9.51 and then traded immediately above $10 and closed at $13 and I didn't get an execution. Can you say volatility?

    • pmlljl,
      The bear bought more ANAT at $82.10.

    • pj:

      Did you see the news that ANAT is going back to Galveston? They will resume operations among the rats and snakes and flotsam and jetsam. My guess is that things will be back to normal two days before the next hurricane arrives. I would invite them to move to California. I know where they can build a glorious new $10,000,000,000 headquarters building right on top of the San Andreas fault. I am sure that it would be safe if they anchor the building to the ground real securely. In addition, they could save money by self insuring the building aganist earthquake loss.

    • pj:

      With all the partially floating homes in Galveston Bay it would be an excellent time for ANAT to become a global company. Merely hook up a bunch of those homes to tug boats like a water borne train and drop them off at verious points around the globe to serve as field offices. It could work. Talk to the bear and make it happen. Stat!

    • pmlljl,
      Today is "casual dress Friday" at ANAT headquarters in Galveston. Is scuba gear considered casual?

    • pmlljl,
      just saw it...

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