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  • pj, Do you still follow the won? Have you noticed the action since August? I can't help comparing it to the smaller blip back in March. Could it be caused by panicky people from a big counry yanking their investments and selling off KRW? If so, then, what do you think about this idea about what comes next? At some point people are done yanking (either they calm down or they just pull everything out). At that point, who will keep dumping KRW at this frenzied rate? Nobody. So one might see an adjustment.

    Of course if this whole idea is wrong then the adjustment might be in the other direction or something. Who knows?


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    • astral_tsar,

      I have not given the KRW much thought since buying Kumbi.

      Trying to diversify from the US dollar seems like a worthwhile goal to me, as I suspect that the government will inflate the dollar to score political points with indebted voters. Cash seems like king right now, and I like that, but if the politicians begin printing it in great quantities, its value could be threatened.

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      • Yeah ... unfortunately Kumbi went nowhere in KRW. But check out the exchange rate over the past few months. USD shot up from around 1000 to almost 1400 since late July, most of it in the past few weeks. I think it may be foreign gentlemen (us, for example) yanking their money out of Korea all at once.

        There are probably other possible explanations, but that is one big, fast rate change.

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