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  • pmlljl pmlljl Nov 10, 2008 1:55 PM Flag



    I am wondering if the bear can perform exorcisms. I think my body and mind have been possessed by the devil. He has changed my thinking and actions in a way that I could never have imagined. He has changed me into, of all things, a TRADER.

    It is with mixed emotions that I feel duty bound to report that I have sold my ITIC for $38.00 per share and my ORI at about $9.22. I will next have to decide whether I will buy them again at lower prices, if they go down.

    My feelings of guilt and shame for having sold ITIC are extreme, however, I could not help myself. The prospect of a nearly 20% gain in about two weeks in this market was simply too powerful for me to resist. The worst part is the coming ceremony when you and astral drum me out of the illustrious fraternity of devoted long-term holders of ITIC. Ah, the agony that I must tolerate. Is there a limit to how many times I can join and then secede from the fraternity? In the future, I will be happy to buy the punch and cake for the festivities if I am permitted to rejoin.

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    • titledinosaur:

      Thanks for the info about LFG and ORI.

    • pj:

      Ah, dancing in the dark. I just hope I don't hear any screams as the bear does his Fine dining. What wine is appropriate when eating human flesh.

      I sold my ANAT this morning at $66+. Also sold most of my oils and Toyota. I don't know what to make of what is going on in Washington. It looks like Wall Street has made an acquisition of Washington and they are throwing $trillions around like it was leaves in the wind.

    • pj:

      I like your mixture of insurance with ships. It conjures up the insurance concept of "float" along with the maritime necessity of "float". Kind of a float the float. You could develop that idea into a Ponzi scheme.

      I have $100,000 of face value 6 month t-bills in my IRA that mature on 12-30-08. When I checked my account yesterday, the current value was $99,998. That means I will earn $2 for holding them for one month. My rough calculations indicated that my annualized return for that period will be about .024%. I hope the bear gets a better return on
      his "float".

      I just read a story that ORI was one of the largest investors in LFG. I did not know that and I do not know the amount. This could be the source of another loss for ORI.

    • pj:

      I have placed an order to buy ITIC at $31. Please ask the bear to have the decency to refrain from placing a bid higher than mine. The truth is, I am very anxious to rejoin the small band of anointed shareholders of ITIC. It is a very exclusive and esteemed fraternity. I hope the potential sellers choose wisely and hit my bid.

    • pj:

      I got a partial execution today on ITIC. So I am now eligible to join the fraternity. Please hold off on the the party until I get a complete execution. I will sleep better tonight knowing that the Fines are working for me.

      LFG sold their title businesses to FNF and then filed for bankruptcy. I hope the Fines don't look to LFG for inspiration.

      Finally, thank the bear for allowing me to buy some shares so that I could join the fraternity.

    • ORI owned 5.2%/795,200 shares of LFG, according to the bk petition. You can look it up at There is link to the Chapter 11 filings on the lower
      right hand side of the site.

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