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  • pmlljl pmlljl Jul 26, 2009 4:54 PM Flag


    pj & astral:

    I bot some ORI which has a title business but it is not the major part of ORI's business. Anyway, in ORI's recent 2nd quarter, it indicated that the title business did pretty well. You may want to read that part of ORI's report.

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    • pj:

      I doubt that the bear could be as greedy as many ceos. Most animals only kill what they are going to eat with a little waste for the scavangers. Ceos want to have more than they could possibly spend in 1000 years of extravagant living, at a minimum.

      I have made an offer to buy a house in the Del Webb Sun City in the Aliante section of North Las Vegas. The house is a "short sale" meaning that the owner owes more than the market value of the house. The owner has approved the the sale and now I have to wait for the bnk to approve it. If it happens, I could be moving in late October.

    • pj:

      It sounds like the bear is from the Pepsi generation. You know, "it's all about me". He should have a little respect for the other shareholders and their needs.

    • pj:

      I assume the bear's ego is bruised, if not his body.

      I was in North Las Vegas last week looking at houses. I made an offer on one in the Sun City development in the Aliante area. It is a "short sale" and the owner had just left for Florida by car, so I have not heard if my offer has been presented or accepted yet. If it is approved by the buyer, I will still have to get approval by the lender. I have my fingers crossed.

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