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  • kzxc kzxc Mar 14, 2009 3:23 PM Flag

    Well we are at 700

    Thank you for the props. Lucky? Yes very. But I have been waiting for this opportunity since 2004. I am not gonna sit back and miss out. I will not polute this forum with my weekly market commentary but with this exception. I sold 1/2 of my QLD position at 23.95, based purely support and resistance levels. I look for the $COMPQ to hit the 50 DMA. I will watch closely to sell the ramainder near this level if it fails to cross. Any cross above the 50 DMA I will add to the postion. If it doesn't make it to the 50 and crosses below the 20 DMA by 0.5% I will sell the ramiander regardless. One thing you can not count on and what I find messes even with professional traders is government intervention. One thing that is set in stone until it is not :) is that value always wins in the end.

    Was this the bottom? I don't know but I think it is close and that is what matters IMO. I look for a retest at some point within the year. With the true bull to start within 3 years. IMO if you look at the stock market of the great depression we had our 1929 in $COMPQ in 2000. We are now in the 1937-38 bear where the market went down 52%. It took a world war to get us out of that one so lets hope history does not repeat itself in that regard. You make your money at the buy whether it be real estate or stocks or antique cars or gold (yes gold was a value at $250 an ounce several years ago).

    A gift, a speculative stock pick with no guarantees. NNBR near $1 a share is a steal and worth a at least a small position. It is priced like it is going bankrupt, I don't believe it will. You could loose all of your position or have a 10 bagger. Worth the wager IMO. Research the stock first, they have some debt, but 16MIL market cap...give me a break.

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