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  • wish_i_was_in_stjohn wish_i_was_in_stjohn Mar 26, 2009 8:26 PM Flag

    That is enough I think

    Hussman cost us 20% on the way down and missed a 25% rally from the bottom. Simple as that. In a mutual fund designed on peak to trough returns if you miss the trough you are screwed. You take long positions based on value. Hussman himself stated the market is positioned to deliver returns of 10%. Well heck I think I would want a little exposure to that. Instead he is going against his own set of rules. Get out you can do better on your own.

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    • have you looked at the returns idiot.

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      • "have you looked at the returns idiot."

        Have you my self-possessed enlightened friend?

        How has Hussie compared to cash (FDRXX) over the last 5 years? FDRXX has beaten his ass badly. If Hussie had just kept on keeping on I would be giving him glowing reviews. Our highly educated fund manager placed a bet when the market was crashing. He gambled with our money. The market environment was not undervalued nor was market action favorable.

        He also cost me a huge tax bill this year. Damn!

        How long have you been invested in the fund? Have you been reading his weekly comments for 5 plus years?

        I have sold most all my managed funds. I am buying individual stocks and ETFs. Gather information and invest yourself.

        In your case I would suggest an IQ test before you take my advice. You need to score above 20 for the advice to be helpful...that is probably not the case which would make you the idiot.

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