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  • wish_i_was_in_stjohn wish_i_was_in_stjohn Apr 10, 2009 10:15 PM Flag

    That is enough I think

    Just wanted to add that I am on a 1.5L bottle of Tawney port. It is Taylor, very cheap but it is not too offensive...very sweet caramel. I don't care too much for the sweetness. I may try Sherry next time. One this is for sure it will knock your dink in the dirt. This stuff unlike other wine does not exaggerate its alcohol content...every bit of 18%. I do my best analysis after about 5 drinks. I never go over 7. Anything more equals a hangover and I don't have time for that. But to be honest I need a couple of drinks to get the worry wort side of me to be influenced by the analytical side which when putting emotions aside is quite smart.

    This forum is full of smart people. We need to do a weekly or monthly market is higher or lower kind of thing. Majority of votes should get say a 10% short term investment of our money. We are contrarian by nature so maybe a monthly time frame would be best or if we can be convinced nothing has to be set in stone. Lets go with our gut and experience. I say lets use some double down etfs for the investments. I will start off saying a little birdy told me the DOW is headed for 9000. It makes absolutely no sense and I feel resistance at 8200 but my gut says 9000 on the DOW before a sharp move lower to test the lows. What say you?

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